Posted by: nancyca | April 28, 2009

April 28th, 2009

So many things going on…so little time to do them.

The past 3 days have been 13 hour hard labor days for me.  Soon-to-be ex and I spent 95% of that time tearing down, putting up, caulking and painting the siding on the south side of our garage.


My daughter has a couple of pics of me up on TOP of the ladder at the bottom of the window height as she knew my friends would never believe it.  I am really afraid of heights, but God was SO with me and I did it with no problem!!  Oh yea…and to get to that height, the ladder you see (Little Giant that I LOVE) has to unfold and go straight up!  Yea…uh huh…see my point? lol

But, we finished around 9pm last night and it looks fabulous dahlings!!  And, just in time as the rain came in last night too! And it’s to rain all day today.  PHEW!

Our house went on the market and the sign went up in our yard yesterday.  I actually started crying a bit when I was driving up the house and saw the sign in the yard.  It just flooded memories of all that’s happened to make us sell the house.  But I know I can’t stay in it with the kids by myself.  And I really am looking forward to getting a new, smaller home for us.

My Uncle Wayne passed away 3 days ago.  He apparently had acute lukemia and the veterans hospital he was at didn’t catch it 2+ months ago when he started going in there because he wasn’t feeling well.  He had had mouth/throat cancer 3 years ago and went through a year of treatments, etc. for that.  So it just boggles the mind why they didn’t test him for any kind of cancer.  No, they didn’t test him at all!!  Amazing, right?  But, Uncle Wayne passed away very peacefully in his sleep.  His 2 older daughters were with him when he passed.  He had gotten to spend the last 5 days of his life with his 7 children around him.   This is my Dad’s brother and between this and then my Mom’s birthday yesterday, he’s a bit ‘down’ as he put it.  I told him of course he is and to go ahead and grieve and not bottle it up.  If you are a praying person, could you say a wee prayer or two for my Dad and his remaining brother and sister?

No xstitching or crocheting getting done in this house.  And I miss it terribly, but am too gosh darn tired at night to think about it.  And I’m up at 5:30am to head out to the gym in the mornings.

Okay…laundry to get done…laundry/mud room to clean out from this weekend’s events and then grocery shopping this afternoon.  I HATE shopping!!  Anyone want to come and do that for me??  lol

Hugs and God bless!!



  1. I feel tired just reading about all you are doing. I hope that you can sell the house quickly and move on with your life. Hugs

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