Posted by: nancyca | April 17, 2009

April 17th, 2009


Well hello there!

I know it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve been here, but things are hopping! lol  Lots of stuff going on with the house and we’ll have it all finished by the end of this weekend.  I have a couple of realtors coming out on Tuesday to give me their 2 cents on what they think they can sell my house for and if they have anyone looking for a house our size, etc.  I’m SO happy it’s finally gotten to this point.  It’s a month past when I wanted it to be, but my soon to be ex was dragging his feet on some things.  And then I just took over and now they are happening. LOL

I have to say that I’ve started working out with a good friend from church.  It feels GREAT to be doing that again.  We meet up at 6am every morning during the week.  I stopped working out when we moved here 3.5 years ago and I really missed it.  So, if all goes okay with my thyroid meds I’ll be looking and feeling better in about 3 months.  WHOOT!

I haven’t had much time to be stitching.  I am still stitching on the Neighborhood RR for my xstitch group. And I’m still working on a soft waves baby ghan for a friend’s new gbaby that’s coming in June.  I’m almost finished with that.

I have been reading up a storm since I don’t watch much tv these days.  By the time I’m in bed at night, I just want to read and not look at the tv.  I read the first 8 books by Charlaine Harris of the Sookie Stackhouse mysteries.  I really like them and the 9th one is coming out in May. YAY!  They are definitely ADULT books though, and not for teens or younger.  There’s not a lot of it in there, but enough to warrant the warning.  I just picked them up as I was looking for something new to read. Then, the lady at the bookstore tells me that they were made into a series on HBO called True Blood.  I don’t get HBO so I had no idea.  But I did pre-order the first season on dvd that’s coming out mid May.  Will be interesting to see if they do the characters justice.

I almost forgot!  My birthday was on the 11th and I had the best birthday that I’ve had in YEARS!!  My family and friends spoiled me rotten! And I still have a birthday dinner tomorrow night that a friend is taking me to.  Good thing I’m working out as I need to get all that food off of me!! lol

Okay…that’s about it on my front.  I’d love to hear from you if you get the chance.  I do check my emails, so feel free to email me.

Hugs and GB!



  1. Happy Birthday for the 11th. I am glad that you are getting back to your old self. I am a big reader myself and can’t be bothered much with TV.


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