Posted by: nancyca | April 3, 2009

April 3rd, 2009

The days just seem to be flying by right now.   There have been LOTS of changes in my life.  My husband and I recently separated and so it’s just me and the kids now.  Don’t worry…as much as it hurts, it is the right thing to do.  Thank you to everyone that did know and have been supporting me through this.  It’s with God’s grace and your prayers and friendships that are getting me through.

I haven’t picked up a needle in ages.  I have a RR that I really need to get stitching on and I think today is the day.  I’m not feeling well.  First time in over 4 months so I guess it was time. lol   Everyone at church seems to have something, so why shouldn’t I?  ugh…  I will be working on that RR today for sure as I really don’t feel well enough to do much else.

I have been doing a lot of reading and not a lot of tv watching.  Matter of fact, for the past 2 months I don’t even turn the tv on at night.  I have been dvr’ing my fave shows and the kids and I sat and caught up on them all the other day.  It’s amazing how fast it goes when you can fast forward through all the commercials. LOL

My house is coming along.  This weekend I will be taking a sample of our siding over to Lowe’s so I can get enough to re-side the one side of the garage.  I thank God above that it’s only that section.

All the painting (except for one strip above the pantry cabinets in the kitchen) is done.  I’ve been packing up a bit each day and trying to get that finished.   The only things really left are the siding and laying bark dust down outside around the house.  YAY!

Hugs and I  hope you are all doing well.  God bless!



  1. Big hugs coming across the Pacific for you, Nancy.

  2. Thanks Lynne. You are such a love! :0)

  3. You know you get huge hugs from me.

    And something special too, for the lady who’s been holding up so well and bolstering so many others during this time, it is rather wonderful that your name came up in a random draw. Check out my blog post of Easter Sunday.

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