Posted by: nancyca | March 16, 2009

March 16th, 2009

Hello everyone!

Lots going on here at the homefront!  The house is coming together very nicely and we were to put it on the market this weekend, but it’s been raining so much that we haven’t been able to re-side the south side of the garage.  The rest of the siding is great, but for some reason that side not-so-good.  It warped.  So, once we can get that done…on the market we go!!

I got to take a break on Saturday and watched a 3 hour movie and stitched for 4 hours on my Haed SAL piece Daydreaming Fairy.  Here are the before and after my stitching jag:



It may not look like a lot, but it really is.  This is on 25ct 1×1.  We got page 2 this past week and this is not quite 1/2 of the first page.  But with how busy I’ve been…well, not a lot of stitching time right now.  I was just so happy to have been able to work on it!

I almost have my kitchen finished!  The last bit is some border over the fridge and pantry cabinets.  Here’s what I’m talking about…

Just have to get the rest of that border down and finish painting the sage green…then the painting is DONE!  After that, I get to wash down all the cabinets with Murphy’s Oil Soap.  LOVE that stuff!  Then I am all done with the kitchen and can move on to the next room.  Not a lot to do in the rest of the house.  Thank goodness!!

Hope you are all having a wonderful day!  I know I have some blogs to catch up on and I’ll get there as soon as I find an extra 4-5 hours in the day. LOL

Hugs all!



  1. I’m surprised you found any time at all to stitch what with all the work you’re doing on the house. Hope you get that where you want it to soon. The Fairy is looking good!! Hope all is well for you.

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