Posted by: nancyca | February 17, 2009

February 17th, 2009


Evening everyone!

I have been a very busy bee on the house.  We’ve got a bit over 3 weeks til we put it on the market and I only have one more day of painting and have one room that I’ve torn the carpet/padding out of (that was today).  I still have the entire upstairs to pull up, the stairs and the downstairs living room.  The rest of the downstairs is hardwood flooring thank goodness!! lol

I did get some stitching in today as well.  I am in a RR on my cross stitch group.  It’s called the Neighborhood RR.  Most of us are using patterns from the freebie cd from the market a few years ago.  Some are just using house patterns that they love…one is even using a Rainbow Row pattern if memory serves right.  LOVE working on this.  So, today was the mailing date. WHOOPS!  I didn’t get to stitch the last 3 weeks, so I got it out last night and started.  As of tonight I probably have another 2 hours left, so I’ll finish it in the morning and mail out tomorrow.  The one I’m working on right now is 1×1 on 25ct.  Now, some may say OH MY GOSH! That’s tiny!  But, after stitching HAEDs on that fabric, I do like stitching on it very much.  But I won’t go any smaller…NO WAY!  I bow to those ladies that can stitch 1×1 on 40 ct….they are NUTS!  And the 40 ct gauze is just lunacy!! Am I right?  ROFL

OH OH OH!!  That’s Santa backwards…lol  I have some GREAT news!  While I was packing up most of my stitching things, I came across something I’ve been trying to find for 3 years!! I kid you not!  It’s my ds’s stocking that I started.  I’m SO pleased that I’m going to start working on it again to finish it for this Christmas.  YAY!!

Anywhooot…just thought I’d check in and say hello and that I’m still here.

HUGS!! and God Bless!!


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