Posted by: nancyca | January 6, 2009

January 6th, 2009


Took dd to school, got ds up and out to his class this morning and then started my kitchen and laundry.  Got kitchen finished, ds came home and we did our home schooling, kept going on laundry and stitched in between loads.

This is Story Keeper by Selina Fenech ~ HAED.  The section I’m working on is 20 across and 100 down.  2000 stitches in this little section.  It’s worked on 25ct 1 over 1:

Where I left off yesterday:

Where I stopped tonight:

Tomorrow is my Christmas stitching day (could be xstitch OR crochet).  Tomorrow happens to be xstitching.  I am going to be stitching on on of my children’s ornaments for 2009.  Then on Thursday I’ll be back to my Story Keeper.

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!!



  1. ROFL! I love that pic of the guy with his computer! I certainly can relate to that. Hm, is that a good thing or bad? LOL!

    Good luck with the x stitch!

  2. I admire you for stitching over one!!!

    I was thinking about making ornaments for most of the people on my Christmas list this year. I like the idea of setting aside one day a week…I think I just may do that!!

    Thanks for the hugs about my mom. My daughter was 18 last Saturday and ever since she was born, my mom and her always celebrated together with a cake.

    Take care

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