Posted by: nancyca | December 22, 2008

December 21st, 2008


Only 4 more days!!!  And tomorrow my Dad gets here!! WOOHOOO!!

Here are some pics from yesterday and then a couple that I just took now from my window.  All of dh’s hard work to shovel the walkways and drive is a mute point now.  The first three are from yesterday afternoon.

You can see that the roads have been driven on, etc…

Dh is shoveling the drive and walkways and putting down kitty litter for traction:


This I just took.  You can see how the road and cars and such are just pure white again.  And that all dh’s work is gone:

These are my poor rhodies and dwarf magnolia tree that we planted over a year ago (the tree, not the rhodies).  I’m VERY worried about these as the rhodies are black right now and the magnolia is all bent over from all the ice on the tree…not sure any of them will survive:


There has also been a bunny that’s been around our street for the past 3 days.  We have a pic of it on dd’s camera, so as soon as she gets it up on her computer today I’ll post a pic.  We’ve seen it hopping around the 2 houses across the street and ours as well.  I fed it a bunch of baby carrots yesterday.  We tried to catch it as our neighbor has 2 bunnies already and said they would take that one in too.  It’s just too sweet looking and very pretty.  Kind of a champagne color to it with an inch wide grey stripe across it’s nose.  While it will get close to you, it won’t let you touch it.  I cannot believe it has survived in all this arctic stuff we’re getting.  We’re down in the upper teens and low 20’s at night.  It must be finding somewhere warm to sleep.  I hope it comes around again today so I can feed it again.  We feel so bad for it out there in the snow and freezing temps.


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