Posted by: nancyca | December 20, 2008

elf05Good afternoon everyone!

It’s been a great day so far!  I just got finished doing 4 hours of baking for Christmas.  I made snickerdoodles (my fave cookie), mini zucchini muffins and peppermint bark.  Yes, it took that long because I made a TON of it.  We give it to neighbors and friends for Christmas.  Tomorrow dh will make rice krispie treats (he loves making those so we let him….lol) and I may still possibly make some other candy to go out too.  Depends on if we have small group tomorrow night at church or not.  I know I do teach for December (2nd service), but didn’t the first 2 Sundays because of our musical.  I know the kids told me they couldn’t wait for me to get back into the classroom.  Just completely warms my heart!

If you didn’t know, we have been getting some great snow in the past week!  It started last Sunday and even though we had a day that it all cleared out by morning (Thursday), that night it started all over again.  Then today, so far, we’ve gotten a bit over 3 inches.  It doesn’t look like it has any idea of stopping either.  We were just supposed to get 4 inches, but I truly think it’ll be a LOT more than that.  Here are some pics from earlier today:

Click to play Just starting 12-20-08
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I am off right now to sit and cross stitch my dd’s ornie. I found the perfect one!!

Have fun and MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!!


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