Posted by: nancyca | December 19, 2008

December 19th, 2008


Only 6 more days til Christmas!  Are you ready yet?

I have to admit that I only have the 2 ghans to finish.  Unfortunately, one of them I cannot find the last skein of yarn that I need.  I may have to use the contrasting color instead and I guess it will come out okay…but not how I had wanted it.  The 2nd one I have 4 more squares to make and then put it together.   That one I was hoping to have done by Sunday, but not sure I will make it.  PRAYING I do, but not sure.

I still have to xstitch dd’s ornie and make ds’s ornie into ornie form. I’ll get them done beginning of the week no problem.

I can share the 2 ornies that I made for my bb exchanges.  Here they are:


We have been hammered with snow again!!  Lovely white snow!  Today we woke up to about 2 inches and it snowed off and on all day.  Tomorrow we’re to get another 4 inches.  Now, anyone that knows this part of OR knows that we just don’t get that here.  So, we’re loving every minute of it!  But, by Tuesday, the temps will be warming up and by Christmas it’ll all be gone and rain in it’s place.  We were really hoping for a white Christmas.  So that’s why we’re enjoying it immensely now!

Okay…I’m going to get off of here and get to crocheting!  Pride and Prejudice is on (I know…I know…I OWN the movie, but I watch it every time it comes on tv too) and I love it!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!


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