Posted by: nancyca | December 17, 2008

December 17th, 2008


Has it really been 5 days since I’ve posted?  Wow!  I’ve been trying to stay off the computer as much as possible to get my Christmas crocheting finished.  I have ds’s xstitch ornie finished, but need to sew it together.  I STILL need to xstitch dd’s.  Guess I’d better get my butt in gear with only 8 more days, huh?

My hubby’s aunt sent me a very special picture today.  He’s the santa I want to come to my house.  Just for me! ROFL  OKay….is it getting hawt in here or what?


We’ve had the arctic weather come in last weekend and it’s sticking around with a vengeance!  We had over 3 inches of snow (and ice) on Sunday eve/night.  We’ve had school canceled all three days this week and we’re expecting another 2-4 inches of snow (and more ice) tonight.  I truly don’t think the kids will be in school at all this week. They’re just getting an extra week to their Christmas vacation. YAY!

I couldn’t get out at all on Monday.  It was over an inch of ice on the roads.  Yesterday by mid afternoon the sun was out enough to melt most of it down.  But there was still a lot on the roads.  Even the main roads.  But the kids and I went grocery shopping and that was a good thing.  Today, no sun, but I do have to get out and go to the bank.  I’m hoping it will get a bit warmer (it’s 32* right now) so that I can get out and do that.  I do have a Yukon with 4wd, so it’s not too bad, but I still do not like driving on ice. Snow…no problem!

My Dad will be here in 6 more days.  We are all so very excited to have him coming.  My brother S was supposed to come too, but in true form he canceled. Wish I would have known that before we got him the ticket a month ago!  I think I’m done trying to do nice things for this brother.  He has burned me too many times and I’m done.  I love him, but don’t like him very much at this point in time.

I had something happen that I am SO excited about!!  I got 2nd row seats to the Third Day concert in Tualitin, OR on May 8th!!!  OH MY GOSH!  They are my most favorite group ever.  Can’t wait to see them!  Oh…and Tualitin is only about a 40 min drive from here.   Yea baby!

Our children’s Christmas musical at the church went great!  The first performance was jittery as everyone had nerves as big as elephants.  But the 2nd performance was GREAT!  And I’m glad too, as there were 150+ people at the 2nd one. There were about 65-70 at the first.  One of the Moms gave me and the 2 other directors a very sweet thank you card and GCs for Baskin Robbins!!  Yea baby again! lol

This week has been wonderful.  The snow…the kids at home…no where that we HAVE to be…just very relaxing and after the last 2 months we sure needed it!  Dh’s last day is Friday then he has the next 2 weeks off!  It’s always nice to spend time with him. lol  We cherish the times he gets like this to be home with us.

Big hugs everyone, Merry Christmas and I’ll try to post more often!!



  1. Sorry Nancy, he’s stopping by MY place first!!!!

    It will be so nice for you to have your dad there!
    Take care my friend….

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