Posted by: nancyca | December 12, 2008

December 12th, 2008


13 more days and counting til Christmas!!!!  11 more days til my Dad and brother get here! Woohooo!!

I’m feeling better and I thank all of my friends and readers for the prayers and emails wishing me well.  It’s an adjustment with this medication I’m now taking.  But I think I’m doing pretty well with it.

Tonight we have musical rehearsal at the church.  Full dress rehearsal tonight with EVERYONE there. This will only be the 3rd time we’ve done it all together. ROFL  The cd came in on Wed (without the voices), so they were able to rehearse with that and apparently didn’t do too badly.  They said they missed me terribly as I’m the one that knows all the songs and the motions for the choir. lol  So, tonight should go really well.

My ds is sick again. Poor boy.  It doesn’t surprise me as everyone here isn’t just getting one virus…they get over one for about a week, then the next one hits. Dd and I went through 4 viruses like that back to back.  It was awful for 3 months.  I’m praying that ds is better by the time my Dad and brother get here on the 23rd.  Dad is 82 and in very good health, but he doesn’t need to take a virus home with him and neither does my brother.

I’m back to reading my Goldy series.  I was 1/2 way through The Last Suppers by Diane Mott Davidson when I started reading the Twilight series.  I got those read in about 5 days total, so now I’m back to finishing up this one.  It’s the 4th book in the series.  They are great mysteries with cooking in them.  They even give you the recipes of what she makes as a caterer in the books.

Tomorrow we have rehearsal from 9-noon as we’ll be going through the musical 2 complete times.  Oh my…the little ones are going to get restless me thinkest!  Our youngest ones in the choir are only 4 years old.  One is going to be a camel and the other one a little shepherd boy. lol  Too cute!  I’m going to try to get pics tonight.

After rehearsal tomorrow I’m going to wrap Christmas gifts.  I used to always wait til Christmas eve and my Mom would sit in the lazy boy in my room while I wrapped. We’d watch Christmas movies and chat the evening away.  Well, this is my first Christmas without my Mom and I know how hard it will be if I wait til then.  So, I’m going to do it tomorrow.

I hope you all will have a most fantastic and spirit filled weekend.

Lots of love and hugs!!


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