Posted by: nancyca | December 7, 2008

December 7th, 2008


MERRY CHRISTMAS!  18 days and counting!!

We had such a good morning/afternoon.  We had church and then musical rehearsal afterwards til 1pm.  We had the entire cast together for the very first time and it was great!  We (the directors) are breathing a LOT easier now that we’ve seen them all together. lol  We have rehearsals every night this week except for Thursday as our performances are on next Sunday.

My dd and her boyfriend went to Snoball dance last night.  They went with 4 other couples and met up at one of the girl’s houses (last year the kids came here) to get ready. Then the guys showed up and we all got to take pics of them.  One of the parents is a professional photographer, so he took professional shots and is going to give each child a cd with them on.  Isn’t that fantastic??  Can’t wait!

Okay…need some opinions here.  There is someone in our church that has 8 children.  6 of them are adopted and I think the majority of them are boys.  Not one is autistic.   Now, everyone knows that my son has Aspergers, right?  If you know anything about Aspie kids, they have a very hard time with food.  Textures, smells, tastes…  So, my ds doesn’t like cheese on his pizza.  He can’t even touch the melted cheese as it puts chills like fingers on a chalk board over his entire body.  So, here comes the issue… My ds went over to my dd and asked very politely if she could take the cheese off of the slice of pepperoni that he had so that he could eat it.  This guy comes over and spouts at my son and daughter saying that my ds needs to learn to do it himself or he won’t eat.  That he can’t go into life expecting people to do these kinds of things for him all the time, etc.  Then I walked up not knowing about it.  I looked at what my dd was doing and said to her that she was a very good big sister to help him out.  Then J tells me what he said to my son.  I was FLOORED!  He walked away and sat down.  I kept calm…walked over and tried to explain to him that ds is autistic and that some things he just canNOT do.  He physically can’t as they make him almost ill.  He said that was ridiculous and that he has 6 boys that are all different and that they either take the food as it’s prepared or they don’t eat.  I could see that I was not going to make a difference in this man’s opinion and quite frankly I wasn’t going to waste my breat on him.  But, after the fact, I thought of what I should have said to him.  What I should have said was that if he was getting pizza for himself or WE as a family were doing it, we would get the pizza without cheese in the first place.  Which is exactly what we do.  OH, and ds did say to him that maybe next time we could have a pizza that half could be no cheese.  J looked at him and said NO!  You just have to deal with it.

Okay…now that you know…the rest of the story…what would you do?  I keep thinking that I need to go to him and tell him he was really way to hard on my son.  But then I think that he’s so set in his opinions that I would just be wasting my breath.  I’d love to hear from you on this one.  I’m just still a bit at a loss to understand why he would treat an 11 yo boy like that.

Okay…I’m done. lol  I’m off to small group in 1.5 hours and I need to get my study done.  Whoops!

Big hugs all!  And MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


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