Posted by: nancyca | December 2, 2008

December 2nd, 2008


Well, I’m getting here early as I’m not sure how I’ll feel later.

The flu shot made my entire body hurt.  But it always does, so I expected that.  But with all else going on I’m taking an ‘easy’ day.  Ds is still coughing his brains out because he wouldn’t take anything yesterday for it as it tastes really bad to him.   Anyone that has a child with Aspergers knows that tastes/textures/smells are a HUGE part of who they are.  But today he agreed to take it if I plug his nose so he can’t smell it.  If that’s what it takes, you bet!

Dd got back together with her boyfriend.  He understands now that he can’t smother her.  They have been together over 16 months and she thought he deserved another chance.  They are going to the Snoball dance (winter formal) on Saturday. She’s had her dress for months and all that goes with it, but he didn’t order his tux last Friday. So his mom is calling today to see if it’s still possible to get one.  Praying it can work!  I have to go with dd’s dress and meet them at the tux place and also buy the tickets.  Winter formal the girl pays for everything.  Tickets went up to $50 a couple too.  UGH!  Then they are going to Outback for dinner with a bunch of friends beforehand.  They’ll have lots of fun.

Okay…I’m going to get off of here and take a shower and hope I’ll feel better.



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