Posted by: nancyca | December 1, 2008

December 1st, 2008


The countdown to Christmas begins!!  I LOVE this time of year. It’s my absolute favorite.  Our trees are up and decorations are going up in the house…the outside has been lit up.  Just a few more days of decorating and I’ll be ready!

Today was a day of doctor’s offices and nurse phone calls.  I went to the family doc for my ear that’s been plugged up for over 2 months.  His conclusion is that I have a dysfunctional eustachian tube.  Well why the heck not! ROFL  I had problems and ear infections with that ear as a kid.  He thinks that the infections and my tube being smaller has caused scar tissue.  Back then (when I was little)all the doc (who lived 5 doors down) had Mom do was to warm olive oil, suck it up in an eye dropper and put it in my ear while I was laying down and then stuff cotton in to keep it there.  It always felt so good as it was nice and warm.  I don’t think they recommend that now. lol  So, we’re going to wait and see what it does over the next few weeks. His last resort with me is to get a tube put in it.

I was to have an appointment with my endocrinologist on Wed morning.  My labs came back last week and my Graves has definitely kicked in.  Tsh is low…T3 is high.  His nurse called me today to say that he left a note for me saying I have extreme hyperthyroid and that I need to go on medication, have blood work in 6 weeks and see him a week after the blood draw.  Okay then…oh and I didn’t need Wednesday’s appointment.  So, I got the medication tonight and I’ll take my first dose before bed.  I pray that this works for me.  Because it doesn’t for so many.  The pharmacist told me that it will more than likely make me gain weight initially, but that once my thyroid is leveled out I should be able to get it back off.  But I’ll struggle to get it off.  Lovely.  I’m just SO ready to sleep right at night, to not be shaky and feel like my body is a case of jittery nerves, to not be totally exhausted all the time, to just be ‘normal’ again.   So, if you think about it please say a wee prayer for me that this medication works and that my body/liver will tolerate it.  Liver damage is a possible side effect.

Other than that…CHRISTMAS!!!  I only have a few more things to get for my dd and my shopping is DONE!  I would have done it weeks ago, but she hasn’t told me too many things of what she wants!  ugh…but she’s 15, so that’s why. ROFL

I have 4 more squares on my brother’s ghan.  I’ll be working on more tonight at the church while the main 4 characters have rehearsal.  Our performance is in 2 weeks!!  Cannot wait!  I want to make my Dad a lapghan too.  I got the yarn at Michael’s for a ridiculous price!  I got the Bernat afghan yarn.  And, if I talked about this before…sorry…my memory isn’t what it used to be these days.   EEK!

Hope you all have a fantastic evening and til next time!!


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