Posted by: nancyca | November 30, 2008

November 30th, 2008


Wow…hard to believe that there is just one more month left of this year!  Where did that time go??  I think because so much has gone on in the past 14 months that maybe it’s best that it went so fast. lol

Got up early this morning to get ready for church and ds is coughing so bad and just white faced as could be.  This virus moved into his chest unfortunately.  So, I took dd to church and then stopped at the store and got Mucinex and a decongestant for him too.  I’m hoping this helps him.  Since I have to go to the doc tomorrow for a check-up on my ears, if he’s still bad I’ll have him look at him too.

Today will be a day of taking care of ds and stitching.  I got the ornie for my cross stitch exchange finished, but need to make it into ornie form.  Then I’m making something for my crochet group exchange too and need to get it finished today. Tomorrow is mail-out day for them both!!  I’m not usually this late on finishing things, but with myself having what ds has just a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t work on anything.  As soon as the ladies have received their packages I’ll post a pic of them.  Gosh I love secret exchanges like this!!


Dh got our Christmas lights put up on the house yesterday.  He always does a great job!  I need to decorate the tree tonight as it’s up just waiting on the ornies!  I need to put up my 4ft tree in my bedroom.  That’s the tree that gets all the handmade ornies from friends on it.

This morning I got out the Christmas china that I bought over the summer.  I got an 8 piece setting: dinner plates, bread plates, cups and saucers, sugar and creamer, large serving dish and large bowl.  Guess what I paid for it all?  OH yea!  It came with really cute little red napkin holders too.  I got all of this for $12!!!  You can pick your jaw up off of the ground now. LOL  Dd and I were in the Teen Crisis 2nd hand store and I found it.  It is in like new condition too!  Only one of the dinner plates has a knick on the outer edge of it.  Since there will be the 4 of us and my Dad and one brother, we only need 6, so we’re good!  I need to get it in the dishwasher so that I can put it out to use through Christmas.

I have decorations going up all over the house.  I’ll take a bunch of pics once I’m finished decorating.  Probably by next weekend.  If you haven’t guessed…I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!  My family calls it an ‘obsession’!

Hope you all have a great day!!


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