Posted by: nancyca | November 28, 2008

November 28th, 2008

We had such a good day yesterday.  I’m very grateful for family and friends.  I’m so very blessed!  But….



Today has been a strange day.  Just cold, dark and very long. LOL  Just sprinkles here and there, but no real rain.

Ds is all sick.  Full blown flu now.  Fever (third day of that), stuffed up nose/sinues/ears, coughing…you get the picture.  It’s what dd and I had that we’re just now getting over.  NOT pretty by any means.

On the Twilight side of things…I got to halfway through the 3rd book (Eclipse) and will probably finish the other 300 pages tonight.  Then tomorrow comes book 4!  LOVE this series!!

I went to Wally World around 10:30 and was out of there by 10:50. That includes the drive there! lol  I got dd a pair of jeans for $8 and got ds 2 pairs…1 for $10 and 1 for $11.  Still very good on the price.

I also went to Michaels this afternoon. I forgot to look at the coupons in my email or I would have gotten an EXTRA 20% off had I gone before noon. UGH…  But, I did get 3 Bernat afghan yarns and 2 Red Heart Super Savers for under $20. That’s killer!!  The RH SS is to finish up making the squares for my brother’s ghan.  I have 5 more to go!!  WHOOT!  The Bernat yarn is for the footy ghan I’m going to make for my Dad.  He gets cold easily at his age (82) especially when he’s sitting watching tv.

That all said, it’s just about 7pm and I’m ready to go take a nice hot shower to warm my bones before settling into my jammies and crochet or cross stitch (probably this one) for the night while watching some tv with my family.

Have a wonderful evening everyone!


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