Posted by: nancyca | November 26, 2008

November 26th, 2008


Good evening everyone!  What a wonderful day today is and tomorrow will be!  I want to say an early HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you all as I won’t be turning on my computer tomorrow that I know of.  My best friend and possibly her daughter will be coming over to share tomorrow with us.  I’m looking forward to that very much.  I’ve made my pumpkin pies today and they are cooling on the counter.  My turkey is thawed and in the fridge, I have everything except for stuffing!  Do NOT know how I missed that, but our Safeway is a 24 hour one, so on dh’s way home from the airport at 10 something tonight I’ll have him stop by and pick some up.  I swear that I got some the other day.  I’ll have to look again before I call him. lol

I got the blood test results back today.  My tsh is low and my T3 is high. Typical for hyperthyroid, so the doc (filling in and just telling me my results) said and that my Graves is kicking in.  He asked me what I was doing for it and I giggled and said,  “Nothing yet!”.  I will be going to my endo doc a week from today to see where we go from here.  I’m not nervous…really I’m not. I was at first when I found out things were happening and that my thyroid was enlarging, etc.  But not anymore.  I’ve put my trust in God that all things will work out.  I’m hoping that once we get this under control my weight and everything that’s been in flux for the past 6 years I’ve been dealing with this will finally be my normal weight. lol  I’m 40 pounds over because of how long I was in the hyPO part of this thyroid crud…I’m down 10 pounds already and I hope that I will continue to lose the rest of it, but healthy wise and not because my thyroid is crazy.  Thank you so much for everyone that’s been praying for me through this.  Keep them coming as I’m not done yet!

I spoke to my Dad today.  He and my brother K drove up to my brother M’s home to be with his family for TDay tomorrow.  My other 2 brothers and one wife will be traveling up to M’s home tomorrow.  My sister and her son don’t have the money to make it and we live in OR (they are all in CA).  Thanksgiving was the one holiday that we used to all get together as a family.  But, since we moved to OR 3+ years ago those that can make it do.  It will be the first Thanksgiving without Mom.  One of the things I will always remember about my Mom on Tday is that she LOVED the turkey neck.  NO ONE was allowed to have that.  Except me.  She’d share it with me as I love it too.  She loved that all 7 of their children would get together for the entire day and play poker! lol  Spouses and all.  Gosh I miss her.  Dad told me today that he thinks that this is his last Tday and Christmas.  I asked him why he thought that as the docs are telling him he’s healthy and will live to 100.  He said it was just a feeling and that he was starting to really feel old.  And that he misses Mom.  He said he had the same feeling about Mom right before she had her double strokes.   I hope he’s wrong.  I couldn’t handle losing him so soon after Mom.  I’ll be even more of a basket case than I already am over Mom. LOL

I’m going to go sit and cross stitch on the ornie I’m making for the exchange on my xstitch bb.  I haven’t xstitched in 2 weeks since I was sick and I need to finish it and get started what I’m making for the exchange on my crochet bb.

Ds started yesterday with a 101.4 fever.  Yea…that’s how I started this one, so I know what he’s in for.  He’s been hibernating on the couch and playing his Wii and watching his MANY recorded AFV’s.  Gotta love him.

Okay…I’ll catch up with you all on Friday.  I pray for a very happy Thanksgiving Day for you all and your families.


P.S.  I’ve read the first 2 Twilight books in 13 hours…I’m working on the 3rd one right now.  Woohoo!



  1. ROFL! Love the pic! Have a wonderful day today!

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