Posted by: nancyca | November 20, 2008

November 20th, 2008


Well, in case you didn’t know….TWILIGHT is coming out at 12:01am tonight in the theaters.  Dd has read all the books and so have all of her friends and all of her friends’ moms!  lol  I have yet to pick one up and read it.  Dd is SO bummed as she has school tomorrow and we won’t let her go see it.  It would go until 2am.  She gets up at 5:30am, so there’s NO way that will be allowed.  Since she has The Crucible play that she is in tonight, tomorrow night and 2 performances on Saturday….well…we’re going to try for next weekend.

I have a question for you all….how many Walgreens employees does it take to catch a baby squirrel in their store?  ROFLMBO!!  We were there getting dd’s prescriptions for her sinus infection and there it was!  The cutest, littlest squirrel running all over the store!  It’s tail was so big and fluffy!  Actually, it’s tail was longer than it was! LOL  There are 7+ employees chasing this poor little thing around the store.  The manager has a box just about the size of 2 shoes boxes stacked on top of each other to try to catch it in.  Yea…uh huh…riiiiiiight.   He needed a box the size that HE would fit into so there was much more room for that squirrel to go into.  DUH!   The kids and I got such a laugh out of the whole thing. We actually felt very sorry for the squirrel and not the employees.

How is your Christmas shopping/baking/making going??  I have 23 out of 30 squares finished for my brother’s Christmas ghan.   Here’s what it will look like when I’m finished:


I’m still not able to cross stitch yet as my sinuses are still playing with that big hammer in my head.  I just cannot focus on the tiny stitching.  Hopefully the beginning of next week that will change!  I have 2 things to stitch and get out by the end of Nov.

Well, hope you are all well and that you have a marvelous Friday tomorrow!!




  1. I hope you are able to cross-stitch soon!

    Oh, I know all about Twilight, and not from my oldest…from my youngest!! Yes, it has captured the 11/12 year olds here.

    Take care my friend!!


  2. Marion, hubby and dd are going to the 10:20pm showing tonight. lol She’s finished with her play at 5 til 10, so they’ll be getting there just in time!

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