Posted by: nancyca | November 11, 2008

November 11th, 2008


Happy Veteran’s Day everyone!  I have many family members in all the different armed forces and I’m very grateful for what each and every member of the military does for our country!

I have a pet peeve today.  Okay…so maybe it’s a bit of a groan…

I had a friend (at least I thought she was one) email me about a Round Robin that had happened in my cross stitch group 1.5-2 years ago.  Mind you, I had nothing to do with this RR.  Someone else had put it together, etc.  She apparently hadn’t gotten hers back and there were 4 people in this RR.  I went out of my way to email one person that she remembered being in the group, found out who the others were, tracked down an emails for them, continued emailing back and forth with the ladies, they were going through their things trying to figure out if they stitched on it or hadn’t (this went on for about 3 weeks), etc…  One of them finally found it and felt so incredibly awful that she still had it.  She had no idea how to make it up to this person, but she really wanted to find a way to.  I emailed back this ‘friend’ and let her know that I had tracked down her RR and that it was on it’s way to her and to let me know when she received it.  Today I get an email that said just this…

Just wanted to let you know I received my round robin.

I couldn’t believe it.  Let me say that I don’t expect anything from people if I do things for them.  But this person specifically asked me to look into it since I’m the bb owner and I did and found it.  Even a little thanks would have been nice.

I did email her in return asking if it was all there and if the other 3 ladies had stitched on it or not.  I just wanted to make sure all was okay.  So…I know…I’m a glutten aren’t I?

What do you think?  Am I just being wrong about this?  I don’t know…it just really caught me off guard I guess.

I have childrens’ choir rehearsal tonight.  It’s the last special rehearsal for learning the hand motions, etc. so I hope the majority of them can be there to practice.   It’s from 6:30-7:30.  After that, I’ll be home and crocheting on my brother’s ghan for Christmas.  I got to stitch on the Ornie Exchange piece this morning and this afternoon as the kids have no school (dd is at Crucible rehearsal 12-9 tonight) and it’s a VERY cold/wet day out.  Perfect for curling up on the couch and stitching!

Have a great day everyone!



  1. At the very least she should have said Thank you. If that had been me, I would not only have thanked you, I would have let you and the bb know how much I appreciated all the time and effort on your part to help me track it down. Geez, some people just have no manners whatsoever!

  2. I will never understand some people! If I was her and had gotten you involved and that resulted in receiving the RR, I would have been thrilled, overjoyed….and most definately a BIG thank you to YOU!
    I guess it takes all kinds….
    Enjoy your evening! I’m working on my swedish weaving tonight.


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