Posted by: nancyca | October 29, 2008

October 29th, 2008

Haven’t posted in a week. Haven’t felt well at all.  I was given anti’s last week by the doc, but I decided to wait and see if I could kick it on my own.  I thought I was doing well and then I got slammed.  So last night I started the anti’s.  Hopefully in a few days I’ll be feeling much better.

Here’s the soft waves ghan that I’m making for my neighbor’s new baby boy:

I am half finished and will hopefully get the remaining half finished by the end of this weekend.

Thank you all for emails and prayers during this time that dd and I have been sick.  Neither of us have ever been sick like this for so long.  *Dd and I were talking and she reminded me that she was like this the fall/winter after she had her tonsils/adenoids out.  Then I remembered the ENT saying that it can take up to a year to get the immune system back up after having chronic tonsilitis for that long.  I went through the same thing and had my T/A out this past June.   I’ve not been right immunes since.  It also doesn’t help that I have other immunity issues with thyroid/FMA.  So, I’ll just deal with it and quit whining. lol *

Ds started last night with a low grade fever, sort throat and just not feeling well. This morning he woke up full blown sick.  His temp got to 101* and I said enough.  Gave him some Motrin and in 1/2 hour it was down to normal and he felt better body ache wise too.  I’ll give him another dose before he goes to bed as well so that he can sleep tonight.  He woke up 3 times in the middle of last night and watched tv in the game room til he felt sleepy and then would go back to bed.  He never woke me up at all.  I told him to wake me up, it’s okay and he doesn’t have to be sick by himself in the middle of the night feeling awful.  Bless his heart.

Hugs and have a great rest of your week!


  1. Surprising effects for a single color ripple. I found that it really can be attractive done that way. And I did not think I would like it but I really do. I also enjoyed reading about the duck and your dog and looking at your beautiful flowers.

  2. Thank you so much Ghost! I tried to check out your blog, but it says it’s been removed. I would love to see some of your crocheting. I love to make new friends!

    I couldn’t believe how well this ghan looks with one color either. I truly think that the soft waves pattern makes it this way. LOVE that pattern!


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