Posted by: nancyca | October 16, 2008

October 16th, 2008

I was having a pretty good day until I saw this on the internet.  Most of you know that my 11yo son is autistic.  He has Asperger Syndrome and is the funniest, most lovable and smart kid that I know.  His IQ is higher than a ‘normal’ child his age as most Asperger kids are.  He loves to be outside riding his bike or scooter, etc.

This man (I want to call him something else but I’m a Christian woman and won’t) has the audacity to talk about something he knows jack squat about.  I live it on a daily basis and have for all of my son’s life.  I also gave up my career to be at home to help him become the best adult that he can be!  How dare Denis Leary call me lazy!  I would love to see him do for one hour what I live 24/7.  He couldn’t do it.  He’s just a smart mouthed (and filthy mind you) so called comedian who’s trying to make a buck.  Well, he’s done it with the wrong set of people I can tell you that.

Oh…and if his idea of an autistic child is stupid and/or lazy.   Well Mr. Denis Leary….you’re the BIGGEST autistic one of all.

Oh, and apparently he said his words were taken out of context and that we should all read his book.  Ummm…I DON’T THINK SO!

Nuff said.



  1. Clearly, the guy hasn’t a clue. The biggest struggle with anything has always been ignorance. Gah! I’m boycotting his movies from now on. So there!

  2. We are too Sue. There was NO reason whatsoever for this idiot to say things he knows NOTHING about.


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