Posted by: nancyca | October 10, 2008

October 10th, 2008

Today is my baby boy’s 11th bday.  How they grow up SO incredibly fast.  He got what he wanted for his gifts (mom was listening intently the past couple of months).  He has had a bit of a tummy ache the past 2 days, but his best friend came over the spend the night with him.  He won’t be having his real bday slumber party til probably next Friday.  I’m still not well and neither is my dd, so we didn’t want a bunch of kids in a sick home to possibly take it home with them.  His best friend it didn’t matter as his family has it too (his Mom is my best friend).

I wanted to also mention that we got ds’s biopsy results back.  They were benign right now. That gives us a couple of years for ds to get a bit older and hopefully be able to handle the surgery much better.  He does have to have it removed as 20+% of people have it turn into cancer as an adult and even if it was 1% of a chance, that would be too high for us. Thank you all who emailed to ask about him.

I also want to thank those that sent messages and emails to me about my previous post.  I let someone get to me that I shouldn’t have.  But I’m all okey dokey fine now.

My daughter got her driver’s permit on Wednesday.  She drove over 2 hours today total. She was out driving with hubby for 2 hours.  Then she went with me for a 1/2 hour.  She’s a very good natural driver.  She’s not afraid of the other cars and that’s a good thing.  She said that watching both of her parents drive and them being really good drivers helped her pick up things by just watching all these years.  Isn’t she a KEEPER?!   So, 2.5 hours down and 97.5 more hours to go. ROFL!

Hope you all will have a fantastic weekend.  I’ll be taking it as easy as I can.  Sunday is a full day with church almost all day.  Just a couple of hours in the afternoon at home.




  1. I hope youare feeling better now. Ohhh I don’t envy you going through the learner driver stage. When my DD learnt she was a little older than most of her peers and she said it helped her to drive more responsably. I know that is spelt wrong but for the life of me can’t remember the right spelling. Hugs to you both.

  2. Thank you so much! My sinuses are feeling better, but my throat is just hanging on to it. Still a thick throat and cough. But, I’ve heard that everyone has it hang on for awhile.

    I’d love to see your blog. Do you have one?

    HUGS back at ya!

  3. Happy Birthday to your boy and congrats to your daughter!

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