Posted by: nancyca | October 4, 2008

October 4th, 2008

My dogs thought it would be fun to finally put the DUCK out of it’s misery.  Well, the BOY dogs did.  My girl dog doesn’t destroy anything.  And I mean that wholeheartedly.  She is the BEST dog when it comes to that.  Has never chewed on anything but a chew toy.  Now, her sons are a differen story.  They LOVE to chew and destroy their softie toys.  Niko especially likes to get a hole in one…then slowly pull every ounce of stuffing out of it that he can.   It was apparently the Duck’s turn 2 days ago. lol  Here you go:

The aftermath

The innocent looks (btw…look at the stuffing hanging from Niko’s mouth)

I’m still not feeling well.  Dd and I went to the doc 2 days ago and I gave myself to try to kick this on my own til tonight. If I am not feeling better by tonight, then I’ll start taking the anti’s that doc gave me.  I hate taking them, so I do try to kick it for a couple of days first.  Sometimes it works, sometimes not-so-much.  Dd also has sinusitis, but has ear infections and a slight wheeze in her chest as well.  Poor kid.  She’s to have her wisdom teeth out surgically on Wed, so we have to get her better for that!

On the craft side of things…I haven’t touched my dd’s HAED piece this week.  The headache has been too much to concentrate on it.   Ihave been crocheting and got the 2 slouchy hats done and also finished a baby ghan.  Today I don’t think I’ll get ANY crafting of any kind done.  I just feel that awful right now.

A lot of my friends and cyber friends are sick too.  I pray for healing for you all and that you’ll be feeling much better very soon.




  1. How can accuse those darling little innocents! Shame on you girl. (LOL)

    Send healing energy, use it wisely.


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