Posted by: nancyca | September 17, 2008

September 17th, 2008

It’s been a few since I’ve posted.   Life has just been in the fast lane lately.  Not sure when it’s going to slow down.  I’m doing PT 2 days a week, home schooling my ds each day, ds has Kung Fu 3 days a week, dd has theater 5 days a week again and ds had some doc appts.   Not enough time in the day along with keeping my home in order to get online to post.  My crochet and cross stitch groups haven’t seen much of me either.  It’s just a crazy time right now.  If I owe you an email or a reply on my blog or yours…please hang in there.

I will say that ds’s appt went better than expected yesterday.  Last week he went into the dermatologist for a nevus sebaceous.  He confirmed it last week and yesterday they did a biopsy in the office.  My son is an Asperger kid and so things tend to freak him out more than the ‘normal’ child.  He was freaking out before the doc even did anything, so I had him doing breathing exercises.  He started with the washing of it and I had him look at me and I held his head in my hands so he couldn’t move.  One nurse held the hand on that side as his other hand was attached to my waist.  The doctor was able to get the numbing shot in and then he was calmer, but still breathing heavy and I was afriad (and the 2nd nurse in the room) of him hyperventilating.  What really upset me was that the 2nd nurse was almost yelling at my son to calm down.  Kept telling him to stop whimpering like a puppy and act like a good boy.  Number one, regardless if your 10yo son is autistic or not, NO ONE should be treating your child like that.  After it was all over, ds was fine and was really excited to see the 2 blue stitches that he got where they took the biopsy plug out.  While he was doing that, I took that 2nd nurse aside and said to her…you know, that is not a way to help a child to calm down.  And especially to an autistic child. She was actually making it worse as it was too much for him to process.  She apologized and walked out of the room.  The doctor apologized to me and said she wasn’t privy to the fact that ds was autistic.  I told him that shouldn’t have mattered.  This was a 10yo child and was so scared that they were taking a piece of his head out of him and had to stitch him up. That ALONE should warrant an easier going nurse.

We will find out in a week to 10 days the results.  The doc is 100% sure of what it is, but they have to do a biopsy so that they can refer him out to a plastic surgeon.  Once we get to the plastic surgeon we’ll find out if they want to do a general anesthesia to remove it now, or if they will wait a couple of years til he is older and see if he can do it with a local.  My thought…I don’t believe my son will ever get over his fear of this kind of thing.  It’s not like he can suck it up or anything.  He is mentally not able to do that.

So, that was our excitement yesterday late afternoon.

Yesterday morning was my 2nd ASTYM PT therapy.  I was still bruised and hurting from the first one last Friday and today I’m in a fibro shut down.  I knew it was going to happen as I started feeling it yesterday.  It’s a good thing I didn’t have to go anywhere except to take and p/u my dd at school.  I’ve been way too busy and active and this PT pushed me over the edge.  Tomorrow I go back for my 3rd treatment, then I don’t have my next treatment til Tuesday of next week.  I don’t know yet if it’s working and probably won’t for another week.  The good thing is that my PTist treats many patients with fibro.  He has told me to bring my suit/towel Tues of next week and he’ll show me some pool exercises that will go along with my foot therapy.  Once he does that, I can use the pool whenever I want to.  He said it will be helpful for my fibro too.  YAY!

One big bummer is that I have to quit my Precept Bible Study at our church.  It is on Thursday mornings and it’s right when ds will be having his classes.  Last week was the first one and it is on the Covenant.  I LOVED the homework this week and love precept studies PERIOD!  So, I called the lady that is teaching it and we came to a solution for at least THIS one.  She has 2 sets of cassette tapes for this study and can let me use one of them so that I can keep up with the lessons and still be able to go through it.  PTL!!    Sunday night I will be starting into a small group at our church.  We are starting the Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren this Sunday and all small groups, Sunday school classes, etc. are doing it.  Since dd is babysitting for this group on Sunday eves for 1.5 hours and I have to bring her and pick her up, I’m going to stay for the group. I’m SO glad as I’ve been looking for a small group to get into for awhile that fit into my schedule.  Another PTL!

Here’s my sweet deal for today.  I found this on a frugal blog.  If you like to shop at Sears, they have clearance online that most are under $5!  I’m not kidding!  $30 tops for $2.99.  Here’s your link

B/s is going well on the stocking and I should have it finished by Friday.  Ds starts his special classes over at the school tomorrow.  He’ll be doing those this year on Tues and Thurs mornings.  It will give me a bit of free time to do some things that I like to doat the house OR clean the house. ROFL  It also freely clears 3 days for home schooling here.  Last year it was one or two each day and it was so disruptive to our homeschooling and our life in general.

Hope you all have a great day/eve.  I’m off to make some dinner, go pick up dd from theater and then get take ds to Kung Fu.  Bones is on tonight and I WILL sit and crochet while watching it for that hour.  My kids like it too, so we will sit as a family and watch.

Hugs all!

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