Posted by: nancyca | September 13, 2008

September 13th, 2008 part b

I have a question for all of the vegie growing friends!

I have my tomatoes coming in at record numbers.  I don’t want them to spoil and I have never canned a day in my life.  What can I do with these tomatoes so that they don’t go bad? Other than giving them to friends?  I’m really trying to be frugal this winter and I’ve already shredded and frozen 10 bags of zucchini.  I will get 2 loves per bag.  Isn’t that wonderful?  And we’ve got more coming before the season is done as we’re in an Indian summer right now.

Is canning that difficult?  Do I need someone to actually SHOW me, or is it something that I can just grab a book (or something off of the www) and get right to it?  I would really like some help here.

Thank you!!



  1. What a brave lady you are!! I learned canning years ago with a friend in her very well set up kitchen. We worked at it for two days, I got a ton of wonderful canned goodies and I never tried it again. I think I’m that way with all food related chores — you work so hard at it and in 10 minutes it’s all gone and you’re washing dishes.

    Anyway, my advice is get a friend to teach you. Without my friend and all her pots, pans, jars, ladles, spoons, etc. etc. etc., not to forget knowledge! I would never have gotten jar one finished. She always knew what was going to happen next and what I had to be preparing for the next step, I had a book, but it just never gave me the little tips my friend was so willing and able to share. Besides, it’s just more fun with a friend and a good cup of coffee than a cold hard book.

    I know a great many people who love to can, so I don’t mean to discourage you. People who like it seem to love it — and they always have the most wonderful foods all year long!! Go for it girl, you and your family will love the results.

  2. Leigh…I decided to start looking on the internet and came up with something WONDERFUL to do with the maters. I’m going to make a HUGE batch of tomato sauce and freeze it in baggies. I’m also going to take a bunch of them, core and de-seed, then cut them up and freeze them. I never knew you could freeze tomatoes, but found out you can! PERFECT! I truly don’t want something else that I have to do so much (canning). lol I don’t have enough time in my day to stitch very much now…if I started canning I’d NEVER have any time. ROFL

    HUGS my friend!! and thank you!

  3. I love home canned tomatoes. It’s not that hard.. go to the library and look for books on the subject.

    I’ve never done the freezer tomatoes, but I’ve heard of them. The only problem with that is if you should lose power and lose it long enough, you’ll lose your tomatoes.

    Other than that, sounds like a good solution for you.

  4. Hi, Nancy.
    In response to your 9/13/08 posting;
    This is my 2nd year to can (lotsa stuff thanks to my Mother). It is so easy. Boil water in a pot, dunk the tomatoes in the water for a few seconds and the skin will loosen so it is easy to remove along with the core. Chop, add about 1 tsp of salt per quart. Cook for a few minutes, pour into clean, hot jars, wipe the rim of the jar with a towel, add the flat and the ring. Put into a pressure cooker. When cooker is full, add the lid, snap into place and the regulator (this goes over the tiny spout) when the water is boiling and steaming thru the spout. Bring to a 10 pound pressure, turn off the fire and wait for the pressure guage to return to zero. (This must be on ZERO!). Remove lid, keeping jars out of drafts of the AC or fans. Cover jars with a towel until cool.
    You can also add chopped bell peppers, onions, garlic, jalopena peppers and celery, or anything that sounds good to you. I also added fresh (frozen corn) and okra along with thyme and basil.

  5. Thank you for the info Elizabeth!! I’m wondering how expensive the pressure cookers are. I’ll have to start doing some research on them so I can have one for next year’s vegies.


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