Posted by: nancyca | September 6, 2008

September 6th, 2008

First, let me show you a pic of the stocking with ALL the xstitching finished on it.  Today I will begin the b/s (back stitching) on it.  I’m hoping to finish it totally and mail out on Monday.

Dh is working all day today, dd is doing homework most of the day and ds wants me to ‘watch’ AFV with him today while I do the b/s on the stocking.  Sounds like a great uneventful day to me.  We don’t get too many of those kinds of days.  We start out with the intention of having one, but to no avail 99% of the time.  Although today I think we may just make it!

I have to show you a pic of something.  It was quite interesting to see how these people were going to get this ‘low to the ground’ vehicle off of the flat bed.  I didn’t get a pic of before they were using the ramps, wish I had.  They tried for 45 minutes to figure out how to do it without the ramps and not scrape the car all up on the underneath in the process.  Finally, they did get it down on the ramps.  But still did a LOT of scraping to the underneath of the car.

I’m just SO glad that they found this car and FAST at that!  It was stolen from in front of their house 2 nights ago.  Pretty scary when it is right across the street from you.  It’s their niece’s car and she only has liability on it.  So, it isn’t covered under insurance for the damages.  From what we could all see, they stripped the tires from it (obviously) and all the things that she had in the inside of the car.  My concern is leaving it like this on the street.  Is it not going to attract people to it to vandalize it more and possibly our surrounding cars on the street and driveways too?  I’m not too sure it’s even legal to have it on the street like this when it’s not mobile.  Hopefully they will get tires today and get them on it so it is mobile.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!



  1. congrats on finishing all the stitching on your stocking. I will join you in backstitching as I have finished the stitching on my Paula Vaughan. Love the kids sitting on the fence.

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