Posted by: nancyca | September 5, 2008

September 5th, 2008

Drum roll PLEASE!!  I finished up the xstitching on the stocking yesterday morning.  WOOHOO!  I haven’t had a chance to take a pic yet, so I will before I start the b/s on it.  Hoping to get the b/s done this weekend and hopefully send it and the 2nd afghan out to my friend on Monday.

Found out this morning that the cost (OUR cost out of pocket) will be over $1300 for my dd’s wisdom teeth to come out.  Now, mind you…she’s had a teeth cleaning and some very small tooth colored fillings done after she had her braces off this year. That’s it.  The insurance is only covering $800 because of those visits.  I’m a bit disappointed to say the least.  If the fillings wouldn’t have been done, our cost would have been less than HALF of that cost ($600).  I don’t understand it.  Truly I don’t.  So, that credit card that I’ve had paid off for a long time will come out of hiding for this.  I hate to do it as it’s the only one I have with a high APR, but with the economy the way it is, I have no choice.  There is just no where to pull that much money out of right now.  I’m also praying that something will come through from somewhere to ease that amount down some.  God can do wonders!

Home schooling my ds is going well.  I knew it would.  He’s an Aspie kid and he thrives on schedules.  It takes us 2.5 – 3 hours to get our schooling done in the mornings and then we have lunch and then we have about 1.5 hours til we have to go p/u dd at school.  I don’t sit down during the day and I’m pretty pooped out by after dinner.  I’m trying to set it up that I can xstitch in the mornings after I take dd to school and before ds gets up.  Then crochet at night after dinner before we all go to bed.  I’m hoping it works out! lol

Hope you all have a great weekend!!



  1. Congratulations!!!! So happy you got the stocking done.

    Is DD in pain because of these wisdom teeth? If not can it put off for a couple of months? If your insurance is like mine, and it sounds like they’re telling you the same things I’ve been told, when the New Year rolls around you will be entitled to a full new year of benefits again. If it is not an emergency see if you can spend your $800 on more little things like cleanings and fillings this year and wait until after Jan 31 to make the appointment for the wisdom teeth. We did it that way with some of my bridges and ended up getting a lot more paid for than if I had done them right away. Just a thought. And of course then you have to hope she doesn’t need any fillings next year (LOL).


  2. Unfortunately she’s in pain because of the teeth pushing against her 12 year molars. It started about 6 weeks ago. So, it has to be done. We’ll have to use our tax return to pay off the card again. lol So, only interest for 5 months. EEK! lol

    Hugs and how are you feeling Yoyo??

  3. Oh, that’s too bad that she’s having that trouble with her teeth. It’s pretty common though. Hope it gets all better real soon. Really sorry you have to use your tax return, ugh! But thankful that you’re getting one that will help with something unexpected. Always look on the bright side.

    I’m pretty good. Making it out to dinner occasionally, actually managed a two hour shopping trip last week. That’s the first time I’ve lasted that long in over a year. Today was a migraine day, but the first of those for awhile so I won’t even complain about it. In general though I’m feeling lots better than just a few weeks ago, so let’s hope I keep improving.

    Hugs to you, and hug to DD to help her feel better.


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