Posted by: nancyca | September 1, 2008

September 1st, 2008b

Here we go with how much I got done on the stocking this weekend.  I wasn’t feeling well today, so I didn’t get to totally finish the xstitching.  Just have a bit of the little town on the toe part left.  Tomorrow for sure on that and then I just have the b/s on it. 🙂

Found out today that a good friend’s Mom passed away yesterday.  She had very bad cancer throughout her body and it was a blessing that she went home yesterday. She was in a lot of pain. She just wanted to go home to be with her husband and son that she lost when he was just 7 years old.  Patty, you will be missed, but we know you loved our Heavenly Father and are rejoicing in Heaven right now!   Hugs and prayers out to the family and friends of Patty.

Hope you all had a good Labor Day weekend.  Our kids start school on Wednesday.  I have one in high school and one that I home school.  Back to the scheduled days again.

Hugs all!


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