Posted by: nancyca | August 22, 2008

August 22nd, 2008

HUGE ugly spider!! Okay…I caught the most huge spider I’ve ever caught in my life. We don’t get spiders here ( I think we’ve killed 4 or 5 in 3 years). Where we came from in CA mountains, we had black widows, half dollar sized wolf spiders and lots of others, but had our place sprayed outside so that we didn’t have to deal with them.

This one, if it was sitting on the palm of my hand, would take up the entire palm of my hand. It’s either a Hobo or it’s a giant house spider. I was waiting til it’s D-E-A-D DEAD before I try looking at it’s underbelly. I caught it in a big 2 quart mason jar. And that was interesting in itself. lol I stood for 20 minutes just inches away from it, but kept getting the heebie jeebies. DS is in the other room watching from a safe distance saying…’Go for it Mom! It’s not a big deal!’ Well, umm…YOU are in another room so it’s not a big deal for YOU! ROFL  And let’s just say I was doing a LOT of praying in that 20 minutes with the heebie jeebies!

DD made sure to get a picture of it when it was still alive, well and on my wall/ceiling.  The picture below is from the web and not the one dd took. I’m waiting for her to get the pic off of her digi camera.

Oh…and in case you DIDN’T know…I’m scared to death of spiders!! So this was a HUGE accomplishment for me.

Okay, once it was D-E-A-D…I did some searching on the internet and found out it is this spider:

It is called the European Giant House Spider. And danged if it ain’t GIANT!! It says they can grow up to 4 inches in size. This one that I caught was easily 3 inches as it would have taken up my whole palm if I had let it sit there. Ummm…again…NOT going to happen. lol They are apparently non-poisonous (who cares if they are or not at THAT size). They also keep the hobo spiders (are poisonous) out of homes. Okay…so that’s a good thing. But I still don’t want it IN my home. Hang out in the crawl underneath the house, no problem. You can get any hobos that try to come into the house that way. lolol I also read that hobo spiders don’t get any bigger than an inch and a half in size…so that was another reason to know it wasn’t one of them.

So, GLAD to know it wasn’t a hobo.


The weirdest thing is that we go around the house at least every other week and get dustwebs down.  Guess we forgot some and the spider thought it was home???



  1. GOOD LORD!! That is mighty icky!! The other day I was triming back some plants in a container when I saw a shiny black spider crawling around the rim. Ick! Two seconds later the darn thing is crawling up my leg!! What the??!! After doing the Lord of the Dance dance, it was still there. I tried to brush it off with my other foot which only smushed it. GROSS!! This why my children NEVER go out in the back yard. Sheesh!

    Um, what did you do with the spider after you caught it? Did you kill it? Let it go? I always spray the humumgous spiders with hair spray since they are way to big to squish against the wall. Gets them every time.

  2. Oh, girl, you are braver than I am, I had to scroll down real fast so I wouldn’t have to look at the little hummer!

    You go girl


  3. Sue, I had dd help me put saran wrap on the top and then we used one of her pony holders around the top of the mason jar. Then I set it out in the sun on the back porch and within an hour it was dead. D-E-A-D DEAD! lol

    Was the one on you a black widow? Those things move FAST! We had one in our mail box once. Our mailbox was a black rubbermaid one. I opened it up just about to put my hand in, when I saw the mail hadn’t come yet. But at the same time, I saw a spot of red in there. I couldn’t see anything else…then it came out of hiding. Black widow spider. My neighbor across the street heard me on the phone with dh asking what I should do as I didn’t want it attacking me. My neighbor (who’s dad built our home) had lived in that house all her life and was now 40 years old. She came over…grabbed a stick…shoved it in at the black widow…pulled it out…tossed it to the ground and then stepped on the spider. She started giggling when she looked at me as I was in sheer shock! Mouth gaping open and all. She then says…anytime you get one… just call on me. And I did! They are braver than the info tells you. We used to find them sunning on the back garage door in perfect daylight…pretty scary. Thank goodness we never found them indoors.

    Yoyo…ROFL…I hear you and I feel your pain. And living it today was enough for a LONG LONG time. lol

    Hugs you two!!

  4. Well, it looked similar to a black widow but I didn’t see any red spot. It’s just too icky to think about!

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