Posted by: nancyca | July 31, 2008

July 31st, 2008

Hard to believe it’s already the end of JULY!!  WHERE has this year gone may I ask??  But, on the GOOD side, it’s that much closer to Christmas and THAT fact makes me a happy camper!

Last night I had a really good cry about my Mom.  In 9 more days, it will have been 6 months since she passed away.  I still cannot believe a half of a year will have gone by.   I was out watering my flowers in front and side of our home and I just could not stop thinking about her.  She is in my dreams a lot these days.  I do love it when she’s there.

I don’t remember if I posted or not about getting her diamond wedding ring.  Dh was a doll and for our 20th anniversary got it sized for me (mom was a tiny thing).  So, now I wear it and have her with me all the time.  It’s just a gorgeous ring and even the jewler said so.

There were/are tons of things I needed to do today, but chose what was the MOST important to do.  So, we went to the high school to get money back that we paid on a book that we returned for dd…went to Border’s and got a few books, one of which I need for church next month…came home and doing all the bedding in the spare bedroom (it’s where my friend stayed the night before we left for the coast) as my 15yo nephew will be here in about an hour from California and he’s staying in there for the weekend.  I finished doing the spring cleaning on my kitchen…now I’m going outside to clean out the trash cans from a couple of rooms.  They got something liquidy in them and it’s just gross and I can’t stand it.  No one else would care, but my A- personality kicks in and I can’t deal with it. ROFL

In 45 min I’ll be picking up my nephew from the shuttle downtown.  Once we’re back here, I’ll be folding towels and dd’s laundry (she’s putting it away).  We have dd’s best friend coming at 5pm so I’ll have a full house for dinner (still haven’t decided what to get…may just get pizzas). Then I whisk them to youth group for the night and I can stitch while they are there.  Then pick them up, come back here and COLLAPSE into bed with a good movie.  Got my Private Resort one with Johnny D so that will be the movie of choice.

HUGS all!!


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