Posted by: nancyca | July 9, 2008

July 9th, 2008

Has it really been a week? Goodness!

Today is our 20th wedding anniversary. I am so incredibly blessed to be married to my very best friend. He is out of town and won’t be home til Friday, but we’re going out to celebrate this weekend.

Today is bittersweet as well:

Today it is also 5 months since my Mom passed away.

Today it is also 5 years since my brother was taken off of life support. Tomorrow it will be 5 years since his passing.

I miss my Mom so very much. I cannot express how deeply my heart hurts for her. I think it always will. She was my best friend and my Mom. She knew how to be both and I know that I am the same kind of Mom she was. I was so very blessed to have her as an example.

And I still miss my brother Wade so very much too. It’s been 5 years, but it still seems like just yesterday I was kissing him goodbye and wiping the tear from his eye as he was letting go.

I am SO grateful that I have my faith. Without it I would be a thing of jelly on the floor without any hope or God’s strong arms to carry me through the good times and the bad times in my life.

I’ve been stitching on the Santa Stocking the past couple of days.  I’ll have to post a pic tomorrow as my adobe photo is being a pain tonight.

I finished book 3 in the Diane Mott Davidson Goldy Bear series (catering ones). I’m 2/3 through the 4th one. I used to read Frank Peretti books all the time til I got pregnant with my dd. lol So, now I’m back to reading them and loving it. If you’ve never read any of his books, the best to start out with are the This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness. as well. These are pretty good books! I also started a Frank Peretti book (christian thriller) called The Visitation.

My dd left to church camp right after church on Sunday. She’ll be home early Saturday afternoon. I had to laugh at some of the moms that had kids going from our church. They were belly aching because the kids weren’t allowed to have their cell phones while at camp. They take them away when they get there. My first thought was GOOD! Then they’ll listen to what’s being taught to them and not be texting away.  My daughter gives her’s up gladly each year.  Also…I know that when I was a teen I went to church camp and we didn’t even HAVE cell phones then. I think we made it through just fine! lol

One of the fun things is that if we send emails, snail mail or packages…for every 3 they get, they get thrown in the pool. So, my dd and her best friend were asking everyone to email them so that they could see how many times they could get thrown in the pool! ROFL I was slacking yesterday and didn’t send a ONE! Gotta make up for it today for sure.

I took my dog Bandit into the vet this morning. He was the runt of the litter and I hand fed him for 2 months and is most definitely my baby boy. He was born with something wrong with his liver, so the vet has been watching him. Well, he got tested today and his liver enzyme ALT was higher than it’s been. Not terribly bad, but up from all the other tests he’s had. Good thing is that all his other blood work looked great. AMEN! So, the vet put him on SAM-e for his liver function, an antibiotic and also on the L/D dry food. I have to take him back in 2 weeks and have his ALT tested again. If it looks better, then he’ll stay on the L/D food and SAM-e. If it’s not that much better or isn’t better at all, he is going to do an ultrasound on him. He’s pretty sure it’s what is called a ‘congenital portosystemic shunt’. It is something that small dogs get more than large dogs and schnauzers are on the list of ones that get it more than normal along with some other small dogs.

So, we are praying for him and with the meds and special food, we’re hoping his levels will come down and be in the normal range (they have never been there).

Niko (Bandit’s brother) also has a bit of an elevated ALT level, but he shows NO signs of liver issues at all. He is tested once a year.

Hugs all and that should catch you up on our lives.



  1. first, congratulations on making it to 20 years, that’s a real accomplishment in todays world!

    (((((((((( hugs ))))))))))) on the anniversary of your moms passing, it is hard, isn’t it? mine passed almost 18 years ago and I still miss her every day.

    Love your blog

  2. Aw, hugs, Nancy. Thankfully, you are celebrating another wonderful year with your hub. Here’s to many more.

  3. Thank you ladies so much!

    Liberty, nice to meet you and I’ll be checking out your blog later today! :0)

    Hugs to you both!!

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