Posted by: nancyca | June 18, 2008

June 18th, 2008

It’s been a pretty good day over all.  I had my post-op appt this morning at 7:45am, so I was out the door at 7am.  It’s always a nice drive when there’s not tons of traffic as it takes about 40 minutes to get there.  He said all looks good and that I’m still definitely healing.  He said the throat and ear pain is a good sign. Especially the ear pain.  It’s a sign that I’m healing and on the right track.  He said to give it another month and I should be good as gold.  Uh huh…lol  But, he said I should be feeling better every day or so than the one before it, so that was encouraging.

Dd went to night 3 of VBS. The kids are having a blast and so are the team leaders.   Afterwards my good friend Jamie brought Dd home for me and then asked if Ds could spend the night at their house.  Her ds and my ds are best friends.  So, I said okay.  Then I asked if her girls could spend the night here with my dd and they are doing that too.   I will miss ds though.  He’s my baby (I know…not a baby at 10.5) and I’m just so used to having him here with me.

I got to stitch for a bit over an hour today and made some great progress on the And to all a good night stocking.  Here’s an updated pic:

This stocking is so much fun to stitch. I HAD to get to Santa and stitch him first.  Especially his face.  It’s some sort of ‘thing’ I have when I stitch people.  I have to stitch their faces asap or it drives me buggy!

Well, it’s 10pm and I’d better sign off.  My friend Andrea is going to call me and I love our chats.

Have a wonderful night/day all!!

p.s. The rose at the top is one of my roses.  It is called a Blue Girl rose.  I got this rose bush from my hubby on our wedding day almost 20 years ago.  It is my favorite rose and we had them in our wedding too.



  1. Wow what a gorgeous rose!! You must remember, girl, if you ever move to dig that up and take it with you. I bought a house once, and one condition of the sale was when the people got settled in to their new home they were to be allowed to come back and dig up a particular rose bush and take it with them. Like your’s it had been a special anniversary gift and the lady was very attached to it. So, it’s not like a weird request, my real estate guy told me that people did that sort of thing all the time. Anyway, the color in this one is really stunning thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Leigh! Yes…that will be a definite condition when we are selling the house in a few years. That baby comes with ME! lol Although I won’t be waiting til I settle into another house…it will be in a pot til planted. I’d had it in a pot for 17 years before moving here. This was the first house that I really felt was my own and was comfortable enough to plant it.

    HUGS! and how are you feeling??

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