Posted by: nancyca | June 16, 2008

June 16th, 2008

Today was back to the ‘normal’ way of life. At least as much as it could be. I did get up at 6am and feed dogs and let them out (twice)…fed kids and myself…by 9am I was exhausted! I layed down and didn’t get up til noon. Ate some lunch..fed the kids and the dogs and let the dogs out again. Layed down at 2 and slept til3. Then got up and started xstitching on the stocking. I made dinner for the kids and I, then took dd to our church. She’s a team leader for our VBS this week. So, ready or not to drive I had to. Was really weird as I haven’t driven in almost 2 weeks. Seemed surreal to me. But, when I went to pick her up tonight, it was okey dokey.

Dh called me 6 times today. He was so worried about me without him to help. I told him that I need to just start slow and build back up again. And he said to remember my limits. The doctor told him (and me) that especially the end of the 2nd into the 3rd week it’s important to not overdo. It’s been 12 days since surgery and I still have the scabs and lots of pain. It radiates in the ears too and it’s not fun. But, it’s another day towards being recovered and that’s all that matters.

Here’s a pic of my WIP stocking. I am enjoying working on this one and it’s on 18 count fabric.

That’s all I have today. It’s going on 10pm and I’m ready to hop in bed and watch a movie. I have Sense and Sensibility that I never got to watch over the past couple of weeks, so I think I’ll watch that.

Have a great tomorrow!!



  1. Oh, that first ‘back to normal day’ is always a killer. Do keep those limits in mind, we never do and yet if we did we all know we recover lots faster! Glad it wasn’t too awful for you. Keep getting better.

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