Posted by: nancyca | June 4, 2008

June 4th, 2008

Dd came in this morning before dh took her to school to let me know that she made Concert Choir!!  We are SO very proud of her.  Her friend called this morning and asked if she’d seen the board yesterday after school and she said no.  Then her friend asked if she wanted to ruin the surprise or not.  Dd said…Did I make it?  The answer was YES!  Congrats sweet girl!! We’re so proud of you!!

It’s 7:34 and I can only have 8oz of clear liquids til 10am.  So, I’m sipping some Sprite right now.  I’m still not nervous.  I hope I stay that way. lol  But have a feeling I’ll get nervous when I get there.  I’m hoping not though. lol

Thank you for all the emails and prayers.  It’s good to hear that others have had them out as an adult and did well.  I’ll be back when I’m feeling up to it.

Hugs all and have a great day!



  1. Well we heard it was a quick surgery. Hoping you’ll be up and around very soon. Sending you a special hug — and a virtual bowl of jello (LOL)


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