Posted by: nancyca | June 3, 2008

June 3rd, 2008b

My family wanted to know what I wanted as my last meal, so to speak. lol Here’s the funny thing. I want Burger King!! I wanted a whopper, no onions, with cheese and fries. I think I want it as we NEVER eat that kind of food. Also I’ve lost 6.5 pounds this past week and well…I KNOW I’ll be losing more in the next week or so INvoluntarily. Might as well get the junk food over with right?

I got 3 movies from Netflix today. The Bellboy, Cinderfella and Sense and Sensibility. Perfect day to come. I love the 2 Jerry Lewis movies and I’ve never seen the S and S one.  But I have been told if I like Pride and Prejudice (and I do VERY much), that I will like it. So, I’m looking forward to that one too.

Okay…that’s all I think. Maybe one more post tomorrow, but maybe not. If not, I’ll catch you in awhile.



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