Posted by: nancyca | May 28, 2008

May 28th, 2008

This is a picture of my Dad and his siblings.  From the left:  Uncle Donald (4th in birth), Aunt Ginger (5th in birth), my Dad (oldest in birth), and Uncle Wayne (2nd oldest in birth).  The one missing is my Aunt Dot and she was the middle child.  She looked JUST LIKE my Aunt Ginger, but with blonde hair instead of red.  You can definitely tell these people are siblings, can’t you?

Dad and Uncle Donnie said they had a fantastic time while my Dad was out there.  Oh yea…my Aunt Ginger is only 4 months older than my oldest brother.  How funny is that?  My Mom was pg at the same time my Grandmother was.  ROFL

Today was a pretty good day.  I finally put to rest someone that just kept trying to pick an argument with me.  I’m truly not sure why, but they felt it was necessary and not ONE of the other people on our group got it either.  They were just as shocked as I was.  I don’t do drama at all.  And this was so junior high-ish for sure.  But, it is all done with now and that’s a good thing. We’re all moving on.

Dd is spending the night at her best friend’s house tonight.  They both have honors history homework to do and decided to do it together.  So, that means I get to sleep in tomorrow (if my internal clock will let me).  Wooohooo!  I’m getting more and more tired during the day and the doc said it’s my tonsils.  So, a WEEK FROM TODAY I get those babies out! So, just a bit longer and then recovery…I wish it was the end of June. LOL  Then I’d be all through it already.  Can you tell I’m just a bit nervous?  Not about recovery, but about the surgery itself.

Anywhooot…I’m going to go put in Pride and Prejudice dvd and fall into bed.  It’s a good thing.

Have a wonderful Thursday all!


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