Posted by: nancyca | May 26, 2008

May 26th, 2008

I got to crochet a bit this morning. I’m about 3/4 done with the soft wave ripple baby ghan. It’s a bit larger than the traditional one, but I wanted it to be used through more than just the baby years.

I got to xstitch today. Something for me. I quick little stitch (took me just under 2 hours, so it was a quick stitch indeed) and I had fun stitching it. It is called A House Sampler from Bits and Pieces. I won it from the online Needlework Show. It showed up in my mail one day and it was SO cute! I used just some fabric and threads that I had on hand. I think it turned out cute and I MAY do this one again. I normally don’t stitch something twice, but I may make an exception on this one…

Both of my children had friends spend the night last night. It’s great to do that as the younger one stays out of the older one’s hair. lol So, it was a good night all around.

Today was a relaxing day for all of us. Ds’s friend stayed til I took him and my dd back to his house. His one older sister had her bday today and they invited dd for cake. She was happy to go.

Dd’s musical (Oklahoma!) is now over. The last performance was Saturday night. They were all so sad that it was over and there were lots of tears and hugs all around. The cast was especially sad for the seniors as this was their last performance at the high school. But, now that this is all over, dd can come home after school and get over her bronchitis properly. A lot of the kids have it in the musical, so I know that their parents will be grateful to have them get well too.

This week will be getting everything done that I feel needs to be done before my surgery the following week. Hubby only has 4 days this week to work, then he’s off for a whopping 16 days. He’s going to find out that he’ll not be able to sit down during the day while doing my job. LOL Plus, he wants to get some landscaping things done as well. We’ll see how far he gets on it all. Bless his heart. ;0)

Have a great day and Happy Memorial Day! It’s about our men and women that have and are fighting for our freedom on a daily basis. My father, one of my brothers and my sister are all veterans. Lani a big SHOUT OUT to you too!

Hugs to all!


  1. Hi Nancy, love the little house sampler, and would love to stitch it, but i can’t find the designer online, do you know were I could buy it online from?

  2. Thank you Lisa! The designer is Bits and Pieces. Their designs are darling!

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