Posted by: nancyca | May 24, 2008

May 24th, 2008

You know…I was just checking out the Land’s End web site as so many people have been saying what great swim suits they have for summer this year. So, I go to the slenderizing suits that are in the PLUS sized section, right? ROFL…well, if these ladies are PLUS sized, then I’m a whale. Take a looksee here. Those women don’t have an OUNCE of fat on them! The least this company could do is to put them on the women that they are advertised for. Ya know?  Okay…so a few of the pics are of women that look PREGNANT.  umm…hello??

Other than that, just taking it easy breezy today. Enough running around this past week to last a lifetime. Dd has 2 performances today. One at 2 and one at 7, but dh has said he will run her around. What a good guy. I love him!! I’m just going to tidy up around the house and stitch and do dd’s laundry. She didn’t get it downstairs this past week when I did the rest of the family. She was either at school, at the musical or doing homework. We’re all so glad that her schooling is out in 2.5 weeks!!

Hugs all!! Have a super de dooper day!



  1. Nancy, I shop sometimes at land’s End too…have you tried filling out the virtual model info? You put in your measurements, weight, height, etc. and you get a virtual model who actually is your size, then you can pick something from the catalog, i.e., swimsuit, and really see what it will look like on you…I love this feature. If you haven’t give it a try, even if you decide to buy somewhere else you’ll have a good idea of what kind of suit to look at.

    Hope your dd’s feeling better and performing beautifully.


  2. Leigh, thank you about my daughter.

    And thank you for the virtual model info. I didn’t know about that. It’s so funny as I was thinking…okay…not as skinny as them…but I don’t look pregnant either. lol


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