Posted by: nancyca | May 23, 2008

May 23rd, 2008

See this pic?  It’s where I want to be RIGHT NOW!

You know, I wrote a post on the 21st and have NO idea where it went.  I am not going to write that one again. lol  It basically said that I am going to have surgery on June 4th in the afternoon for my tonsils and adenoids.  I’ll be down for 2 weeks.

Now, as promised…here’s how my day went:

Took dd to school at 7:30am.  Back home by 7:45 and at 8:30 dd calls as she can’t take a full breath and it hurts her chest when she breaths or coughs.  Btw…she’s been sick with a cold/flu that all the cast of the musical has passed around and with her mono hanging on, it’s not pretty.  So, I had not gotten to get a shower as I was getting ds up and ready to go out the door by  9:15am for writing class and also feeding the dogs and letting them out, getting breakfast and having a cup of tea…called ds’s school and told them he wouldn’t be at class this morning.

We go pick up dd at school and took Lucy (my mini schnauzer girl) with us as I had an 11:15am appointment for her at the vet’s office that I made at 8am this morning for her ear.  PLUS dd has to be back at school by 11:30am as she has a musical performance for the 8th graders from 2 schools at her school.  I’m thinking there is NO way we can pull all this off…

We get to urgent care (our doc couldn’t get us in til Tuesday…unacceptable) at 9:45am..they don’t open til 10am, but they are taking names and dd is 4th on the list. YAY!  5 other people came in after us, so we were glad we got there when we did.  We got into the doc at 10:20am and were there for 20 minutes.  Dd has bronchitis and sinus infection.  The doc gave her tessalon pearls, Zithromax and a Proair inhaler.  Well, she got the inhaler and we got prescripts for the other two.  She said she can use the inhaler as much as she wants during the performances as dd is a featured dancer and is very active all through the musical.  Thank goodness tomorrow is the final 2 performances and that Monday is a holiday.  I told dd that she is going NOwhere on Sunday or Monday. Not even church.  She’s going to take it easy and stay in bed both days to recoup.

So…then I take dd back to school and tell her I’ll bring back the Zithromax for her to take as the doc wanted her to start it asap.  We go straight to the vet’s office (it is 20 minutes on the freeway from the high school) and get there right on time. YAY!  We only had to wait about 20 minutes (which is a miracle as they fit us in) and found out that my sweet girl has her right ear a yeast infection, a bacterial infection and it’s inflamed.  So, on a cream medication that covers all three 2 times in the ear a day.  She should be feeling better in about 3 days if not, I need to call and they will give me an oral antibiotice and steriod for her.

After this we went straight to the opposite side of town (1/2 hour drive) to the surgery center to pick up my surgery packet for my tonsil and adenoid surgery on June 4th.  Then ds and I get some lunch quickly and go take the prescripts for dd to Walgreens.  We’ve got a 1/2 hour wait, so we go 15 minutes down to the lab so I can have my pre-op blood drawn.  Go back to Walgreens and pick up the prescripts for dd.

We drive to the high school and get there 15 minutes before school is out. Dd had just gotten done with the performance for the 8th graders 5 minutes before that. lol  She took her meds and just came home with me (and her boyfriend came too).  I went and dropped the kids and dog off and then had to go to the next town up to my friend’s house to drop some things off to her, then home I went.  I got home at 4pm and laid down at 4:30 and slept til 5:30.  Got up and took dd’s boyfriend home, then took her to the high school for tonight’s performance.

THAT was my day today.  I’m usually busy, but not as much downtown driving as I got in today.  I was in 3 different cities today!! LOL  Good grief!

I did just get out of a wonderful HOT bath with my Pride and Prejudice book.  Ahh…couldn’t have asked for better.

No stitching in today, but who had time??  Tomorrow is a different story.

Hugs all and if you got through today with me…you’re awesome!

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