Posted by: nancyca | May 19, 2008

May 19th, 2008

I definitely overdid it this weekend. I feel like crap today. Throat, ears, body in general. I’m still in my jammies and it’s just after 1pm. IRK! But, I have been washing/drying bedding and crocheting. lol

Ds leaves for math class in about 40 min. It’s at the school right behind us. It’s the only class he has on Monday. AND, this is his last week of classes over there. He’ll have all his stuff tied up by Friday and we’ve already finished homeschooling here. So, this should be his last week! Yay! Dd still has 3 more weeks.

Here is a pic I just took of the baby soft ripple ghan I’m working on right now. I have almost 2 feet finished so far. It will be close to 4 feet long when I’m finished. It is just over 3 feet wide.


I’ll have to get a pic of the stocking tonight and put it on here. I’m hoping to finish it today. We did WAY too much running around and such this weekend to get any xstitching in.

81* and HUMID is on tap for today. Tomorrow, 20* cooler and rain. Gosh I love Oregon!!! We can always count on that rain!!

Have a wonderful day all!

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