Posted by: nancyca | May 18, 2008

May 18th, 2008

Well, I have to say that today was MUCH more of a bearable day than the past 3 days. We’ve got a nice breeze blowing and it only hit around 87* today. Ahhh….never thought I’d say that was acceptable. lol

We went to church today, came home and ate lunch, then went to one of the art museums downtown. My dd got to have one of her pieces there. There are all mediums of art and it was a lot of fun. All the high schools choose so many students and put their artwork up on display. It was a great honor for her and the others. As soon as dd gets the pics off of her camera I can share.

I DO have a picture share today though. It’s our family picture that we had taken at church last weekend. This is the first one we’ve had in um…5+ years?? I know…I know…we just never get around to it. lol I think it turned out great, but I hate the glasses on me. Ones that I am no longer wearing. But, that story will come later… Here it is and it is clickable:

The story behind the glasses.  I saw the new eye doc in the practice and she said I had to wear bifocals or progressives all the time.  This is the 2nd time I’ve tried them and I do good for the first day or so, then I hate them.  I just cannot get used to wearing them.  I spoke with the doc that owns the practice yesterday (dd had a check-up on her contacts) and he said I only needed my distance ones (they are -.25) for my astigmatism at night driving.  And the others I only need when reading or doing my cross stitching.  There you go.  So, I found my old driving ones (when I only had one eye with astigmatism) and made them to my driving ones and the ones I had just now into my reading glasses.  It all worked out great and only cost me $8 more all around. YAY!  Now everyone is happy. lol

I’m off now to go and see about taking a nap.  I’m just pooped out.  The ENT said I’ve been like this because of my tonsillitis. And that I needed to give into my nap urges.  Wow!  Okay!  Dr’s orders!!

I hope everyone is having/ has had a wonderful weekend!!

P.S. The top pic is of a beach in Florence, OR when we went there last summer.  It’s where I want to be right now!!  Oh, and those are my kids in the pic too!



  1. What a nice family pic! Thanks for sharing. :o)

    Congrats to your dd and her art!

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