Posted by: nancyca | May 17, 2008

May 17th, 2008

Wow…can someone say HOT??? Geez! We hit 99* yesterday and over 90* today. We aren’t supposed to get this hot here. Oh…and we found out that our a/c unit isn’t working either. The forced air through the house is…but the a/c is a big no. CRAP! It’s not fun in a 3500 sq ft/ 2 story home with vaulted ceilings in all the upstairs rooms/ big entryway with a window at the top of the vaulted part/ and a house that faces WEST! Never again will I own a house that faces west. NO! North facing is the only way to go. lol

By Tuesday we’re to be back to 60* and rain. It will be then that I call the a/c people and get them out. I’m sure they’re going to say we need a new unit. This one was original with our home and it’s 15 years old. I’m sure around the next couple of years things are going to start going. We’ll replace them in time for selling it in 3 years. Guess that will help us with the sell, but hard on the pocket right now.

I went to the ENT yesterday after being so tired of getting throat infections (which are my tonsils btw) and getting put on antibiotics back to back to back to back…you get my drift. I’ve been doing this all of my life. I kid you not. Not one gp ever suggested anything about my tonsils. Well, I don’t like my gp (as most of you already know) and I’m not afraid to TELL him that I’m going over his head to a specialist (as most of you know that too). So, I go yesterday and the ENT says to me that I’ve got chronic tonsillitis. He said according to my history clear back as a child that is probably what I’ve had all along. And that I should have had my tonsils out YEARS ago. So, in 10-14 days I will be going in to have them out. Dh will be taking either 1 or 2 of his vacation weeks (he gets 4 per year and not used any yet) so that he can take care of me, the kids and animals. The ENT that’s doing it is the same one that took out dd’s tonsils last summer. So, I totally trust him. He said he’ll be very gentle and that he’ll give me some little pretty percocet to take for the pain. lol I think I like this guy even more now! ROFL Any of you that know me KNOW that I don’t take any kind of drugs except my daily vitamins. I react so strongly to stuff I’m just not comfortable taking it. I do know that I had percocet with both of my c-sections, so I can take it. I’m sure I’ll have to do 1/2 pill to start out to see how I tolerate it.

My Dad is coming back from PA today. Matter of fact he’s on a plane right now. He gets in 10pm our time to San Jose, CA airport. He left on Wednesday to go to PA to see his 2 brothers and 1 sister (he’s the oldest of 5, but one sister passed 5 years ago). He really wanted to do that before he passed away. He knows that my Mom didn’t get to see her 2 sisters before she passed away. I know he had a great time and so did his siblings. I’m so happy for him.

Well, that’s all. I’m almost finished with the stocking! Woohoo! It’s just darling and I should be able to finish it tonight. I’ve got about an hour left on the little deer in the toe part, then the rest of the b/s on it.

Happy day all!


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