Posted by: nancyca | May 14, 2008

May 14th, 2008

Morning everyone…

What a night!  Ds started with stomach pains around 5:30 and I just knew what was coming.  Dd started Friday morning at 5:30 with those same pains and an hour later was tossing her cookies for 24 hours.  Ds started an hour later and went til after 3:30am this morning.  Then the diarrhea and low-grade fever started.  Just like dd did.  So, I got very minimal sleep last night and ds I am sure got less than I did.  He said he was afraid of throwing up in his sleep.  Bless his heart.  Being that he’s an Asperger kid, being sick is a bit harder than a normal kid.  One of his conversations with me went like this:

DS: my muscles all hurt on my tummy and my ribs hurt.

ME: honey, that’s because you’ve been throwing up for over 3 hours now.

DS: is it supposed to do that mom?

ME: yes…you know like when you laugh a lot and your tummy muscles hurt?

DS: uh huh

ME: well, it’s the same concept.  you’re using muscles that you don’t normally use and it makes them tired and achy.

DS:  are you SURE that’s normal mom?

ME: yes honey…it’s normal

My dad was on the phone with me during the conversation and he was giggling.  Kids are so innocent.  I love it.

So, today will be doing laundry (that I’ve been trying to do since Friday of last week) and making sure ds gets some naps in and hopefully I can nap then too.

I took dd to school at 7:30 and she won’t need to be picked up til mid to late afternoon.

Hope you all have a great day.



  1. Oh dear! Your poor kiddos! I hope they are feeling better soon.

  2. Sorry I’ve been off the puter for a couple of days…hope the kids are all better by now. Sending a prayer for them anyway.


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