Posted by: nancyca | May 1, 2008

May 1st, 2008

I just got finished taking a pic of the stocking I’m working on. I think it’s turning out just too cute!! I have ‘arms’ of the snowman, the deer, the innards of the squirrel and then the back stitching on it. The name of course too. Shouldn’t take me too long I think. I’m hoping to have it finished by the end of the weekend.

The first pic is as of 4-22-08:

This one is as of today:

Things are busy as ever. But things are starting to turn around for us. I’m so very grateful for that.

My dd will be 15 in 11 more days. My goodness…when did she grow up? I mean, she’s not done yet, but 3 more years and she’ll be off to college! INSANE!! She’s going to get her driver’s permit on that day. She can’t wait. Neither can we. We know she’ll do just fine.

Ds is excited about the end of school coming. Matter of fact ALL the kids around here are ready. The ‘itch’ to get out of school always starts about 4-6 weeks before the end. We only have 6 weeks left of actual school. I think the kids are starting early this year as we’ve not had a spring yet. I think they want the end of school to get here so maybe by THEN we’ll have great weather. lol

Well, I best get my buns back in that stitching chair as I need to go pick up dd at rehearsal in 45 minutes. Oh yea…I got tickets to the stage performance of RENT that was coming to our town as part of dd’s bday gift. I just got an email saying they canceled it and there wasn’t a reschedule date. Refunds will be in 2-3 business days. She is going to be crushed.

Have a good one!!

P.S. please excuse the non-clickable pics.  WordPress wasn’t letting me put in pics, so I fudged it.



  1. Very pretty! Yup, my kids have 6 weeks left of school too and are anxious to get on with summer.

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