Posted by: nancyca | April 25, 2008

April 25th, 2008

Where do I start?

Let me just say that satan is trying his hardest to get to my family right now. You know when you are getting closer to God that that is when satan attacks his hardest? Well, we’re going through that as I speak. As a family unit, we are stronger than ever. Good ol’ satan is trying in other aspects of our lives. Where he thinks it will hurt us the most. Well, we’re not falling for it and fighting back full strength. With God on our side, whom should we fear?? NO ONE! If you find us in your thoughts and feel like saying a wee prayer for us, we would appreciate it more than you can know. Since Mom had her double strokes back at the beginning of Sept 2007, it’s been worse and worse. You have to also know that we just started going to a new church a month before that. AND I joined the precept bible study too. lol I expected it, but not this bad. But again, we know in a few months we’ll be on the other side of this and all will be well.

Okay…enough of that part of my post. Today was a good day. Neither of my children had school (grading day), so we just enjoyed being together. It’s also been wonderful that my hubby has been able to be home each night this week. That is a treat for us all and we all took advantage of it!

I’m SO looking forward to some spring weather. I got this in an email and I did pass it on. But it is just too cute not to put here as well…

I was wondering….

Is it SPRING yet?

Is that just too cute or what?? And, we’re to have a decent day tomorrow. Close to 70*! Woohoo!!

Tonight I’ll be stitching on my HAED piece. It’s called Story Keeper. She’s just gorgeous. There is a SAL over at the HAED bb, so I’ve joined in with my piece. I’m going to work on her as much as I can this weekend.

I hope that you will all have a wonderful weekend with family and friends and good times.


  1. Good for you!! Fear none with God on your side. Sounds like you’re feeling better today, so happy for you.


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