Posted by: nancyca | April 22, 2008

April 22nd, 2008

I’ve been MIA for a few days.  This weekend I wasn’t feeling too hot (fibro was acting up badly) and so I took it easy with the family.  Got a LOT of xstitching in which was wonderful.  Here’s an update on the first stocking. The pic is by my cell phone as I kept forgetting to take my digi camera downstairs with me. lol

I got all of the white done this weekend and started on the little rabbit on the right bottom yesterday.  I’ll be working on it more today.

I’ve also been working on my log cabin ghan.  Here’s an update on it too. I’ve just started with the 2nd skein of variegated yarn (they always have less than the solids) and the ghan is about 3′ x 3′ right now.  Maybe a bit bigger than that.  I work on this in the mornings while I’m having my cup of chamomile tea and listening to the tv or silence…whichever I’m in the mood for. Btw…another cell phone pic…sorry for blur.

Since last posting a pic of the log cabin ghan…I’ve gotten 4 more rounds done on it.  I really love the colors in this and I’m not sure how big I’ll go with it.  I can stop at any point, but I’m really enjoying crocheting on it, so I’m forging ahead!

Yesterday I was to do laundry.  Well heck…ds and I decided that we would put a cd (Chicago’s greatest hits) on the surround sound player and make cookies and rock out!  We had such a good time.

I hope everyone has a great day!


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