Posted by: nancyca | April 17, 2008

April 17th, 2008

Howdo everyone!

Today…what can I say?  I got dishes done early this morning, laundry was finished yesterday, dd spent the night at a friend’s house (she was helping explain her make-up work)…what else was I to do today but STITCH!!!

I got to stitch on the stocking more…and I’m not done either!  I’m going to stitch for the next hour til I have to go pick up dd from youth group at our church.  Then I’ll read again tonight.  I read about a 1/4 of my book last night.  It is the 2nd book by Diane Mott Davidson on the caterer Goldy Bear.  I only have about 50 pages left, so I’ll finish that and probably start number 3 as well!

Ds is still sick.  He was running a bit of a fever last night and this morning.  I’ll check it again tonight before bed.  He’s literally been on the couch with his comforters and pillows all week.

Dd went to school today (2nd day in a row) and did rehearsal as well.  She’s still really tired, but she said she didn’t push it and at least she felt better than Monday.  So that’s a good thing!

I’m going to try to get a pic of my log cabin ghan  as I’ve crocheted a lot on it the past week or so and its’ definitely time for an update.

How about you??  What are you stitching on and do you have pics??  SHARE THEM!!

Btw, the picture at the top is where I would LOVE to be right now…we have snow/hail/rain/COLD coming in tonight…supposed to last all weekend.  Did no one tell mother nature that it’s supposed to be SPRING???

Hugs, have a great night and a super Friday!



  1. Yay for getting to stitch all day!! Boo-hiss for the yucky weather. It sounds like us last week with getting SNOW and SNOW and more SNOW. It’s finally been nice here and the snow is melting.

    Anyway, I tagged you at my blog, so pop on over sometime and check it out!!

  2. Everyone is just in awe that we are going to get snow! And that the temps are so cold. We’ll be in the mid 40’s today and our normal for this time of year is in the 60’s.

    I’m off to check out your blog! ;0)

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