Posted by: nancyca | April 14, 2008

April 14th, 2008

I hope everyone had a great day today! Back to the daily routines for everyone?

My dh is in Reno, NV til Wednesday…then he’s off to Sacramento, CA area for Thursday and back home Friday. He said the winds are so bad in Reno today/tonight that the power is off at the center he was at, so he ended up going to his hotel. Nothing he could do.

Ds was home sick today. He only had a math class and he did go. But the teacher sent him back home after 10 minutes as she said he was just sitting there with his head on the table just not feeling well. He really wanted to be there, but she told him he needed to come home and get better. So he got all comfy, cozy on the couch and watched cartoons then played his PS2 for a bit.

Dd went back to school today after missing the past 2 weeks from mono. The kids were giving her a rough time and my dd can be a bit sensitive when she’s not feeling 100%. So, she didn’t have a good first day back. But then she went to rehearsal for Oklahoma and everyone was so happy to see her that it made her feel much better. I told her that the kids were happy to see her, they were just teasing her about the mono. But dd didn’t feel like it was funny. She was SO tired when she got home around 6pm. Goodness. I think she emptied the dishwasher and went straight up to bed. She’s supposed to be doing homework, but I have a feeling she’s taking a nap first. And that’s truly what she should do. The mono isn’t gone by any means yet as she’s just starting to feel a bit better the past couple of days.

As for me. I had a very productive day. I got to go through some bins and boxes in my craft room of yarns and party stuff and put it all up on Ebay. After I had loaded it up and went to check the list, there were 2 that already had bids on them. Yay! I’ll be going through things a bit each day in my garage of my stash (both crochet and cross stitch items) and listing them daily on Ebay. I’d rather make a bit of money off of them than have them just sitting for years in my garage and sewing room. Especially the things I KNOW I’ll never use in my lifetime.

Other than that, it was a WINDY, cold and rainy day today. Must be Oregon! ROFLMBO!

Have a great Tuesday all!



  1. It was cold here yesterday too! Brr! Good luck on the ebay items.

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