Posted by: nancyca | April 13, 2008

April 13th, 2008

Well, it’s just after 10pm and I’m finally getting on the puter.  And, I’m not even on mine, I’m on my dd’s laptop.  I never even turned on my puter today.  Just too much going on.  But, it’s good now and then to do that.

Today started out with church and after church dd and I went to Target with our friends.  Didn’t end up buying anything.  I was personally looking for drawer front knobs. And I was NOT willing to pay $4 a piece when I needed 8 of them. lol

So, dd and I went home, had some lunch, then we went out to see if Goodwill or one of the used furniture places to see if they had any antique looking ones…maybe glass or something.   But, the places that were open didn’t have them.  And the ones that MAY have had them weren’t open.  So, we went to Craft Wherehouse, but nodda…went to Home Depot and I found some really cute WHITE ones of all things. LOL  This dresser has 3 knobs on the top drawer and then pulls on the other 3…2 on each drawer. Got them home and the pulls are too wide. Apparently this dresser is old enough that I’ll not find draw pulls that will fit it unless I get antique ones.  I wanted them today…lol…so I went back to Home Depot and traded the 6 pulls for  more knobs and some wood filler putty.  I’m going to plug up one of the holes on each pull and put knobs in the other holes.  Should look okey dokey when I’m done.  Oh, and all the knobs and the putty cost me a whopping $13!!

I got to take a nap for an hour this afternoon.  That was wonderful!!  Dh made us a great spaghetti dinner and then all 4 of us sat and watched some dvr’d things. One of them is the Samantha Brown show on Disneyland/world.  We’re planning a trip to Disney World for next year, so this was fun to watch.

Our rain is coming back in tonight.  We had WONDERFUL weather Friday and Saturday, so it’s okay.

Have a great day tomorrow everyone!  It’s back to the grind for us.


  1. We did a fancy remodel of our kitchen and got knobs from Home Depot of all places! They have some nice stuff there at reasonable prices. hehe

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