Posted by: nancyca | April 11, 2008

April 11th, 2008

Good morning everyone!

Today is my 43rd birthday! It will also be the first birthday in about 5 years that my dh will be home on. I’m SO pleased! If only my bdays could be on Fridays or the weekend every year, huh? Dh should be home by mid afternoon.

It’s a most GORGEOUS day out already. We were down in the low 20’s last night here, but we’re to be mid-upper 60’s as our high today. Then about 10* warmer still tomorrow…but then the cold/rainy weather is coming back in on us. I’m SO ready for summer. lol

On my agenda today…well..nothing really. I’m hoping to stitch and crochet and read and watch movies and just take it easy with my family. Unfortunately my ds woke up sick this morning. Head cold and the works. He said he started getting stuffy last night poor thing. I should have seen it coming. When he is in the incubation period of getting sick, he gets cranky and doesn’t want to do his writing and such. Now I know why (btw, he DID end up doing his writing…lol). So I’ll have to keep an eye on him.

Dd is feeling better. She is going to try to go to school on Monday. She’s been out the past 2 weeks. She did try 2 of those days to go to school, but after an hour called for me to come and get her. She was falling asleep in class. She’s so tired of being tired. I can’t say as I blame her. I pray that the mono will subside very soon and get her back to normal energy level.

As for me, I got my tsh levels back yesterday. Quite interesting. Okay…let me kind of give you Reader’s Digest of my thyroid issue…

I started 5 years ago with thyroiditis. I had it for a year…so they thought that was what I had… then, over the past 4 years my tsh levels have been going up and down like a roller coaster NEVER leveling out. For the cycle to go from low to high back to low has taken a year each time it’s done it. The doc told me that eventually I would be hypOthyroid, but we had to wait for my tsh to go up and stay there before they could do anything. Come to 2.5 years ago when we moved here. I didn’t get an endo doc, just used my gp. My levels continued to rollercoaster. I went last November to an endo doc and he tested me for anitbodies because he had a feeling of what I had because of the up and downs. We went back and I had tested positive for Grave’s disease antibodies. NOT Hashimoto (which is what the other endo doc in CA thought I has without testing me). This doc said that Grave’s disease can do this up and down with the tsh levels for YEARS…he had one patient that it did this for 10 years. I told him NO NO NO! lol Do you know how hard it is for your levels to yo-yo like this and what it does to my poor metabolism as well? Sheesh! So, he said I needed to test tsh every 3 months…

Okay…if you’ve read this far…GOD BLESS YOU! Reader’s digest version went out the door…ROFL

When I was there in November my levels had started already going up from just 2 months before. In Sept 05 I was at .06, in Nov 05 I was at 1.58…yesterday my level was at 1.16. What does that mean? It means that it’s not an entire year anymore on my ‘cycles’ of my tsh. It will be interesting to see what it is in 3 more months.

I also was told by my Mom that no one in her family ever had thyroid problems. I found out yesterday from my sister that my aunt Jean (my mom’s youngest sister) had partial thyroid removal years ago and that she’s having problems again right now. So, I’ll be calling her today as I know it’s hereditary usually from the Mom’s side. And it normally passes from mother to daughter. It’s why my dd now has to be tested every 6 months as per the endo doc.

Well…if you read all of that you are a saint! And I’m ready to go check on dd and ds and then think of something for lunch for us all.

Big hugs and enjoy your day!!



  1. Happy birthday sweet friend!! That’s so awesome that your DH is home for it this year. Big hugs to you!

  2. Happy birthday dear, big hug for you.

    I did read all the way through the thyroid rant…it reads almost exactly like mine…knew there was some reason I like you (LOL). Seriously, my numbers have been going up and down for 4 years, I hope you get your’s leveled out a lot sooner than that!! Take care and get completely well soon.

  3. Thank you Lani!!

    Leigh, Mine has been going on for at least 4 years that I know of. The endo doc said it’s probably been longer than that. I just have to play the ‘wait and see’ game.

    Do you have Graves?

  4. I had one doctor one time mention the word Graves. So, I’m thinking they think not. Just that my thyroid got soooooooooooooo bad it’s taking forever for the rest of the body to readjust. I had the radiation treatment where they kill the thyroid, and apparently it didn’t die completely. That was after having what was at the time diagnosed as the flu 8 times in three months and turned out to be “thyroid storm”….which nobody has anymore because they usually find out your thyroid is bad long!!!! before it gets to the point of thyroid storm. I just happened to get a 100 year old doctor on this one day I went in to get some flu medicine…he recognized it as thyroid storm right away and said he had not seen a case in 40 years. But that was the first time anybody bothered to check my thyroid! And there was some number I don’t remember which one that was supposed to be normal at 100 to 106 and mine registered at 724 — I was really “out of it” for several months in there. And since then not much of anything has seemed to go right. So I hope you don’t all this much trouble with yours.

  5. They said as soon as mine is full blown Graves (meaning that my thyroid goes way UP and my tsh goes way DOWN), then they will go over which is the best treatment for me. He told me there will be 3 options:

    1. Take anti-thyroid meds
    2. Radio-active Iodine to kill the thyroid
    3. Take out my thyroid

    He said we’ll have to see where I’m at at the time he decides that it’s bad enough and stays there.

    That 724 could have been your thyroid antibody count. I know that my TSI (marker for Graves) was almost 500 and the normal is <130. But, had I not gone to the endo doc, I wouldn’t have known. My regular doc (he’s an idiot) kept telling me that my TSH was always in the normal range, so I was fine. I kept telling him that it shouldn’t roller coaster though…it should stabilize at some point and it hadn’t in over 4 years. lol I also told him when it gets above 2.0 my fibromyalgia gets worse then when it’s under 2.0. When I went back to him after seeing the endo doc, he just shrugged and said Oh… There’s a reason I wanted to see a specialist. ROFL

    HUGS Leigh!!

  6. I’ve decided my regular doc is an idiot too. Well, maybe no an idiot, she’s just young and has little experience with patients who have something normal like hyper thyroidism that turns into a problem patient with nightmare thyroidism. She went to school with my daughter and it’s hard for me to get used to her being the doctor when I keep thinking of her playing dolls in our basement!

    I tried the anti-thyroid meds first and was too bad for them, they had no effect at all. Then I had the radio-active treatment as I’m not ever joyful at the thought of surgery and apparently thyroid surgery is fairly dangerous. I have a friend now who just had his thyroid removed, but only in the last couple of weeks, so we don’t know how well that worked yet. What really gets me is that everybody I know, and it seems like I know lots of people, with thyroid problems begin taking the medication and that’s the end of their problems. No one else seems to go on and on with their symptoms not letting up like I have and it seems, like you have too. But anyway, I hope you don’t have as many problems as I’ve had, it’s really been a pain in the you know what.

    I saw your post on my blog today….sleeping too much is one of the first signs that my thyroid medication is ‘not right’ again, too. I’m really hoping it’s more like you said, too much physically going on and I’m actually tired. I’m due for another blood test middle of May, so we’ll see. But I have never yet taken the 3 month blood test and not had to at least have the dosage in the medication changed, sometimes quite a bit because that TSH keeps fluctuating so far up or down. And, like you, I think it SHOULD level out and stay put at some point in time.

  7. I found your blog today, Then I found the link for thyroid, I am 49 and have graves and hyperthyroid, now hypothyroid, had the radiation in september, this has been a rollercoaster ride. How are you doing now? I work full time as a postal carrier, I love to sew and quilt, that really has not been happening to much in 2009. I really would love to hear how you have fared since your treatment. Thanks for listening,cindy

    • Cindy, I will post an update on my Graves in a new post some time in the next couple of days. It’s a good story to say the least. Thank goodness!!

      Do you have a blog or website by chance? I’m just getting back into my blog (well I was trying to, but it’s been 2 months I’d love to check it out.

      Nancy :0)

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